Würth Group Extenden Sunshield Scania NextGen S/R

Würth Group skin for NextGen Scania 2016 S & R

Use original Link!

ScS, ProMods, Samuelswe


5 thoughts on “Würth Group Extenden Sunshield Scania NextGen S/R

  1. Why ProMods is in the Credits ?
    Why there is no Manifest, etc ?
    And why for a Sunshield more than 90mb ?

  2. 1.+Because+he+used+ProMods+I+think

    1. 1: Is ######, because you don´t know “Credits” haha
      2: Because we don´t like Errors in the Log
      3: May be it works, but see the Comment fro Mike hahaha

      We say: “turn on brain before writing” haha

      1. Haha k

  3. must contain modelfiles aswell instead of just the texture I assume

    so it would probably overwrite existing ones if used the same sunshieldMOD

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