Xenon V9 Light Mod


Xenon V9 LightMod
I)Installed mod
1)Open the winrar file
2)Extraire files *.scs on desktop
3)Copy the file *.scs in your file mod
–> C:\Users\Ayoub 2015\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod
4)Active the mod
5)Enjoy !!!!

work for version all version and 1.14.x
tested this mod in version 1.13.3

Ayoub Systeme DZ


4 thoughts on “Xenon V9 Light Mod

  1. pralk0suszarka

    Halogens in the new DAF lit in blue, but the road is still the original shine.

    1. May you have a conflict with another mod.

      1. Ups, sorry, you wrote it that it is not function with the new DAF. As I see the new DAF is not included in the def Folder (daf.xf_euro6).

  2. Why password the scs? Pretty pointless considering there’s no support for some other modded trucks like Scania T-Cab

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