xp and money mod

This is mod for money and xp
on start save it doesnt work if you made new profile you must make one job and you get 1 million xp and spend it on big distance driver skill, when you will get jobs for millions.
Very simple mod but works, check it out.
Tested only on 1.39 but can work on many versions of ets 2 i think.



7 thoughts on “xp and money mod

  1. what is that mod with so many cities in Poland?

    1. Its Poland detail adding mod

  2. Yes

  3. Master.OfDisaster

    Mod Funktioniert auf 1.40 nicht!

    1. dann läde die 1.39 version wenn du nicht weißt wie kuck yt

  4. Doesn’t working in v1.40

  5. Professional TANIM®

    Not working 🙁

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