XP and Money x10 / quick buck (v1.28)

Need more xp or money? It’s quite a fun mod to get xp and quick buck.
This is how this mod works:

This mod EXP x10 and Money x10 (+100% for delivering cargo such as ADR/Fragile etc.) To clarify You get x10 EXP and Money per Mile, so it doesn’t matter if you use custom trailers, because it will work
with any mod without any problem.

But that’s not all, you get:

x10 EXP and/or x10 Money (also x10 exp for hired drivers)
50% discount for buying fuel in garage
Parking bonus – x exp or x exp depends on which parking method you prefer.

You can download only exp mod x10 in the first link or
exp x10 and money x10 in the second link.

Tested in Ets2 v1.28
if you share this mod, please use the original links.



DOWNLOAD 6 KB exp & money

5 thoughts on “XP and Money x10 / quick buck (v1.28)

  1. only for 1.28?

  2. shadowm312

    Fake mod this is for 1.22 crash at 1.28

  3. It works well on 1.28!
    This mod just saved me from bankruptcy on Hungary map :))
    Thanks mate

  4. Not+working+on+1.28+………

  5. Bro, can u make that the hired drivers always return with cargoes?

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