XP & Money Mod


You get 100000XP when you park a trailer and you get 200000 Money when you start your carrer or new game
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Author: BLiNKT


14 Responses to XP & Money Mod

  1. melios says:

    Can i use it in HYNGARY MAP?
    Need new profile?

    • BLiNKT says:

      I means work on all maps and all version but anyway you must try it!Yes you must make new profil only if you want get 200000 Money at start if yo uwant only XP for level than you not need new profile just activate mod and park trailer and you get 100000XP

      • Dirty Money says:

        EX worked Amazing But can’t the money mod to work. all my jobs pay stay the same. any help?

  2. ZeroZkillZ says:

    Many wow and Much thanks :<p

  3. melios says:


  4. johnQ says:

    work on 1.15?

    • BLiNKT says:

      Try it i not have this version so i cant tell you does it work but i means may work on all version

  5. FanatiKOr says:

    Thx works great! Is it possible that you make a light version of your mod?
    For example 1000000 startmoney and about 400exp for parking a trailer? Would be really nice to only have a faster progress in the game.

  6. gamespack says:

    i need a password when i extracting a file? Why whats the password?

  7. Rizki says:

    whats the password ?? i can’t extracting a file !

  8. Galaxy says:

    How do u install it?

  9. adarsh says:


  10. gert says:

    it doesnt work?
    what am i doing wrong?

  11. nova ferdyansyah says:

    heiii i am not working this mod how do you about is mod
    i ets2 v1.28 is not working

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