XP Police Economy helper to 1.14.2


This mod made possible fast levelling.
garages are cheaper
Police is cheaper
you get more money by deliverys
self parking gives you extra XP
and something more…



10 thoughts on “XP Police Economy helper to 1.14.2

  1. Why not just cheat?

    1. well you can see the name of this mod…Helper…So helps you to get level up fast because really its hard

    2. no one stop you use cheats.. all people dont know how use those things, this HELP user getting XP etc. quicker just playing..

  2. The game is really easy actually.

  3. thanks for this-your right it does HELP. how long since 1.13? now 1.14-have to re roll as mods etc break profile-fed up of incompatible updates. I have well over 800hours played and am lvl 11 with new roll after patch 1.14-dont want to cheat but fed up with starting again-and also with no damage-why not when you drive safely and a car or truck decides to drive straight into you and does 50% plus damage to your truck and load-don’t see a problem with it and btw-this is not online so why does it bother people so much? you wanna use it or not-doesn’t affect anyone else-not like WOW or any other mmo so really people! hurts you that much DONT click on these links

    1. RangeAndy

      I go with you! Me too, after the update I fall back to Level 11! from 72! And that wasn’t the first time so either I can go back up to Level 70+ or I’m out!

  4. Thank you for your effort friend. Could you do a low damage mod? Maybe youwill combine with that.

  5. need more explanation.. sadly i get less money from deliveries compared to vanilla :\

  6. RangeAndy

    Unfortunately it doesn’t work. I have TSM 5.3 Installed, could that be the reason for mot working? Do I need to put some “Z” in front of the file?

  7. RangeAndy

    I wonder where my comment went?
    i runt ETS2 with TSM 5.3 and just installed this mod but won’t work. What could I do?

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