Yuruyuri Combo Pack v 3.01.1

Update Log:
-Remove AI Traffic Trailer.
-Owned Trailer Support.
-Some Truck Paint Major/Minor Change.

Truck Paint:
-DAF XF EURO 6 and DAF XF EURO 6 by ohaha
-Iveco Stralis
-Iveco Strator by SHOOFER
-Mercedes Benz Actros MPIII
-Mercedes Benz Actros MPIV
-Volvo FH16 Classic
-Volvo FH
-Volvo FH 2013 by ohaha

Trailer Paint:
-SCS Box 78
-SCS Box 136

Steam Workshop Version:

My Website:



DOWNLOAD 46 MB [drive.google]
DOWNLOAD 46 MB [modsbase]

10 thoughts on “Yuruyuri Combo Pack v 3.01.1


  2. Cringe

  3. Jesus Christ !!! What is Going On with this game community ?!!!
    ### Is This SH!T ?!!!

  4. “DO NOT REUPLOAD !” xD xD xD
    Is here any one who reupload this?!

  5. Trucker, badbot, marcel. There are girls who playing this game also. Don’t be ###### you gay though boys.

    1. Dude i know girls playing in Counter-Strike and so what ?
      Shes don’t using this F#D SH!T like this !
      And do not mess up the community so this sh!t !

      1. Looks like you know what girls use very well…

        And did you say “the community” ?

        The community fcked up when everybody reuploads and steal/alters other’s works. There is no quality mods anymore, don’t you see?

        1. very good skin packs
          is it for 1.32 version

  6. Everyone has their preference when playing a game.
    If you don’t like what you see, then don’t bother commenting and move on.

  7. John Smith

    From Steam?

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