ZIL-130/131/133 1.43

– Returned old sound (as it was on previous versions of the fashion)
– returned package of trailers “ODAZ”, (as it was on previous versions of fashion)
– edited transmission prices on all trucks, which will significantly reduce their final cost.

– Standalone
– Cabins (130, 131, 133)
– His salon
– Four chassis options (4×2, 4×4, 6×4, 6×6)
– His sound
– its animation
– your discs and tires
– Support DLC
– His tuning
– There is light in the cabin

RTA, Kraska Adaptation author: Prime044 Further Development – Prime044 Update for 1.40 – Funyash Update for 1.43 – Dalnoboy TV 42


5 thoughts on “ZIL-130/131/133 1.43

  1. @dr_jaymz

    for me makes all cabins shake like a boat even if u dont used or buy it, is useless for me this way…

  2. Oww man i love this thing, no joke but this is my fav truck for now 🙂 My Gameplay movie of it https://youtu.be/J1wLDpwuc7M

  3. BpWarrior

    Great work! Waiting for fixing bugs with the shadows.

  4. How can one make other sounds compatible? I know how to use def files and bla bla bla, but everytime I use one, the game crashes.

    Any ideia?

  5. Same problem for me like dr_jaymz.

    how to fix?

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