ZIL 130-131-133 Update 1.35.x

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-Autonomous truck
-Spelled out by a slot at Scania dealership
– Two cabins (130 and 131)
– Your salon
– Four chassis options (4×4, 4×4, 6×4, 6×6)
– your sound
– Own animation
– Own wheels and tires
– DLC support
– Custom tuning
– There is light in the cabin

Update for ZIL-130-131-133:
– replaced 3D models of cabs and interior
– new sides
– interchangeable radiator grills
– adaptation for version 1.35
– support for DX11
– added trailers and semi-trailers
– cables added (purchased)
– added invisible trailer for single
– added addon that adds sound to all engines

Kraska, Prime044


10 thoughts on “ZIL 130-131-133 Update 1.35.x

  1. jayontheway228
  2. Wesoły Rozkurwiacz

    How much horsepower have this mod ???

  3. ismail ozdemir

    Great mod. Thank you so much for your work. I was driving Russian monster like Ural and Kamaz. With this mod, I added a new monster to my garage. If you add more tuning like cranes etc. this mod will be a great fun….

  4. I can not find it for sale – I checked all brands and I don’t see it in any truck dealer…

    1. truck dealer, not left, below right extra button for mod Trucks.

  5. best ZIL mod. thanks

  6. Auch diese mod ist rand voll von fehlern und Warnings unbrauchbar
    Rigid geht gar nicht
    man versaut sich nur den Spielstand mit der kaputten mod

  7. hi admin please add ##### mirror as kamaz 54112 Hq.thank

  8. Stadtaffe

    pls update for 1.36

  9. jayontheway228

    Поездка через три страны на Зиле 130
    обзор Восточний экспресс
    не забудьте подписаться на мой канал ?

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