ZIL 157 Rework v 1.6

– Sound update for 1.39 and up
– Added trailer cables as accessory item(for 6×4 and BDF chassis). For your choice to add them or not.
– Added glass toys locator
– DX11 UV mask fixed for metallic painting
– Reworked BDF licence plates (position).
– Reworked external windows (not openable).

Note: BDF chassis are comaptible with BDF trailers with higher hook position. If you change chassis (6×4 and BDF) don’t forget to add cables back(if you want them).

Sell old truck and disable form mod manager first and then enable this updated mod and buy him again in Man dealer.
Hint: Works fine with Nefaz trailers.

Lacoste36; ETS2 1.35-1.39 update by vasja555


6 thoughts on “ZIL 157 Rework v 1.6

  1. Zanimljivo

  2. fallenJedi

    Getting a adware.subprop.u warning from that download link from the mods.to download link.

  3. Dejan Igić

    Great 🙂

    Watch video: https://youtu.be/ha5Dl8VXNVo

  4. 158 / 5000
    Résultats de traduction
    Test in semi-trailer mode on the SibirMap 2.0 map
    Well modeled truck and nice engine noise.
    Next video in tandem mode

  5. 2nd video this time in BDF mode
    Too bad I have not yet found a mission for the BDF
    Good road

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