Zoltan Kotai’s Menu Music by gibanica


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This mod replaces the default menu music theme with intro music from Zoltan Kotai youtube clips.

– profile desktop theme
– job finish theme

The menu theme song is property of author of Zoltan Kotai’s intro music youtube clips.

Works with 1.2.x




4 thoughts on “Zoltan Kotai’s Menu Music by gibanica

  1. Magyar ? Great sound!

  2. Russian beast

    Good video. Let have it straight, I didn’t thought that Hungary is so beautiful. Thank you.

  3. Zbog necega ne mogu da ga skinem 🙁
    Moze li drugi link ili u PM da mi posaljes?

  4. cb 86-Miki

    Működik faszán! köszi 🙂

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