Zorlu Yokus v2 map


This map add new roads and environment near Salzburg.
Author: seaLife


17 Responses to Zorlu Yokus v2 map

  1. aleksey says:

    Класс!Спасибо брат!Изумительная трасса.Все работает.

  2. goba6372 says:

    very cool sps my black brother

  3. Baba says:

    thanks mate

  4. No. says:

    Wat da fada fackin fack is this

    • F says:

      Stop trolling. Have nothing useful to say – don’t waste server space.

  5. gts2013 says:

    unreal… when men make it than real…

  6. Commenter says:

    You mad bro?

  7. aleksey says:

    Хай чуваки!Вы дебилы?Пишите всякую ересь.А этот участок дорог есть в карте 1.5(Африки).

  8. yyussangzay says:

    not work v.1.3.1 my help please…

  9. yyussangzay says:

    not’work for v.1.3.1 my help all friend… thanks…
    i’m from indonesian

  10. Baba says:

    its works also in indonesian

    rename the file – Zorlu Yokuş V2.scs in

    zzzZzz_Zorlu Yokuş V2.scs

  11. yyussangzay says:

    BABA, rename the file to zzzZzz_Zorlu Yokus v2.scs
    Not work, loading exit. my friend, my help please…

  12. Carlosbanton2 says:

    work in v. 1.1.1 ???

  13. osman küççük says:

    kardeşim bu modu attıktan ve seçtikten sonra yeni kullanıcı acmamız gerekiyormu yoksa eski oyunda çalısır mı

  14. Kenny says:

    Useless, i cant even get up there with my Scania R730 with 45t

    • BartvHam says:

      I don’t think a real truck with 45t can get up there. So it’s pretty realistic.

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