Daf Mega tiuningas v1





16 thoughts on “Daf Mega tiuningas v1

  1. Video please!

  2. i made a short video: http://youtu.be/Q9YtVgpLcz0

  3. XF105 sideskirts not work for me – rest of accesories are good 😉

  4. TeddyBear

    It has a bug on view 2 with low painted chassis! 🙁
    You get the same view as default view point 4!!

  5. Puffitheone

    Great stuff,thx.Can you make for your Scania also low chassis with taglift?

  6. TeddyBear

    And the paint cab with grill isnt supported with skins!! 🙁

  7. GhostRunner

    and credits for moders that have 3D parts / lights / etc … it’s possible or you prefer to keep everything in your account?
    A little serious

    You do each for each pack, but the greater part of the changes come from other modders.

  8. puffitheone

    i mean midlift taglift low chassis for scania

  9. I do not understand why non steam users always have to wait so long before a patch comes out … it has been almost a week since 1:14 came

    1. Just add your game to Steam with the product code and you will have it on Steam

    2. Modpolice

      1.14 is not out, its in public beta. If you want to play the beta then just do as carl said and add your game to steam…takes about 1 minute.

  10. Please make tuning slots on the grill. And make rear bumper like in scania megastore.

  11. Nice work but I have a couple of issues. On xf105 sideskirt is all red, like texture is missing. Game everytime crashes when I choose painted cabin on Euro 6. I have no other Euro 6 mods.

  12. thetrickster182

    The camera 2 have a problem, looks like camera 4 :/

  13. v1.14.0.9s when mod is on side mirrors turn red and if you try to put some interior mod he doesn’t work…

  14. please reupload it on other server, i have 3 days trying to download this mod frome this horrible server and i can’t get it, i think there is a problem in the server

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