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Standalone Iveco Euro Tech vilkikas daba ir 1.14.x žaidimo versijoms

Autoriai: Саня Сентяков, ventyres

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16 Responses to Iveco Euro Tech

  1. Ultrabald says:

    In a lot of countries, you’ll probably get a fine if you put so many shits on your windshield !

    • gaby55 says:

      how to make a iveco a horrible thing you could do very well without the curtains of his grandmother. Thanks for the effort

  2. Gabor says:

    What’s the difference, compared to this?

    • Esta vida loca says:

      Is it realy a question?

      The differences are the numbers of versions, for 1.14.### you need another settings for models so I read.

  3. Majoox says:


    the mod is so great, but the interior really destroyed everything. Please remove all this unnecessary cle from the interior. I like it without these flags, curtains etc. much better.

    Please, Саня Сентяков & ventyres! 😉

  4. ### says:

    And again all the #### in the interior destroyed a mod.

  5. Alex Baizel says:

    CrysS may be old enough #### to put

  6. Gustavo says:

    Good mod, but please, remove the curtains and flags.
    Make them optional. Will be better. 😉

  7. Gustavo says:

    Ah, a little suggestion: sideskirts!
    And a rework in the design of the steering wheel.

  8. Faelandaea says:

    Good god, guys. Just go to a dealer and remove the stuff.

    Nice looking truck, btw, but I like newer trucks so passing on this. But it does look good for an Iveco 🙂

    • Ultrabald says:

      Are you kidding us ? Do you really think we would be all complaining if all that #### was optional and removable at the truck dealer ?

  9. ursturbo says:

    Good job man!Thx!

  10. sinyo says:

    this mod work for 1.16.2s?

  11. rafa says:

    que mapa es el del video?

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