Pamoka: 18 pavarų su vairu

Testutoa su 1.3.1 versija
Autorius: Fabio Brazuca

SIŲSTIS instrukciją 1 KB

4 Responses to Pamoka: 18 pavarų su vairu

  1. MrETSTrucker says:

    I am preparing tutorial in english for this setup…

    I have used it and it is great…

  2. ETSTrucker says:

    This is the real Eaton Fuller 18 gear transmission.

    Check out the video:

    And it realy works…

    Well done Barzuca

  3. MrETSTrucker says:

    So here it is:


  4. Chuck says:

    works on 24 spds too ( 2×6 Range + 2x H/L)

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