Pamoka: kaip pasidaryti dekoratyvinius numerius


Autorius: MaxLowe

10 thoughts on “Pamoka: kaip pasidaryti dekoratyvinius numerius

  1. J’ai un probleme je n’ai pas la même chose jusqu’au point 16,pouvez-vous m’aider,merci.

    I have a problem I do not have the same point 16, can you help me, thank you.

    1. I assume your registration plate is french? I don’t know if this can be done on registration plates for non UK countries in game! Sorry!

  2. craig sankey

    hi i am having problems, i have done excatly as instructed but when i try to open the extractor i get a black window flash open and then immediately closed. any ideas why?

    i am using manchester garage

    1. you need to drag the def.scs over the top of the extractor.

  3. and you must have starting from original map city (if play TSM and start is from “new”city this dont work)!!

  4. craig sankey

    hi how can i get my number plate in the following formats: AAA 123, 123AAA, A123ABC, and ABC123A

  5. I have a problem,when i put the file Def in scs extractor is opening and after 2-3 seconds disapear is nowhere,can you help me with that?

  6. why I can t change color on my truck, it is pink allways 🙂

  7. Works perfectly 🙂 Thx bro 🙂

  8. wolvesfan2015

    could you do the custom reg plate for me please I want 0001 PSR

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