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Volvo VNL + salonas v1.4.12


Autoriai: big_bab, axe666


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47 Responses to Volvo VNL + salonas v1.4.12

  1. pat6234 parašė:

    So eager to download but I’m gonna wait for other people to try it and see if it works well with what other mods…looks good though.

  2. Freddy Jimmink parašė:

    Looks very nice, but the download ink stops me from downloading it, more tha 2 hours of daownloading 61,xx Mb?? Come on! Be real! Give a good downloadlink like Meiafire ornSnedscape orso!

    I am the next one who waits, but than for a better link

  3. patrick parašė:

    thanks for the mega cool volvo think it’s mega good and run with love the way it is made on the di thing to put on the
    thanks in gene here from Denmark

  4. A High Hamster parašė:

    yea new link plz 30mins to download is a bit long

    and i think creds are wrong its ment to be big_bob not big_bab xD but other wise looks really great and freddy will you be making any sexy skins for this? :3

  5. Freddy Jimmink parašė:

    First i hve to wait anothe 1 an a half hour, or You nust know a faster way??

    And than i have to find out how to skin it,

    After that i will make some sexy laides on it and other skins Mr. Hamster

    • A High Hamster parašė:

      wish i knew a faster way got a 300mbs download speed but its still on 20mins left out of 30mins and cant wait to see what ya come up with for skins :3 i would skin it myself but i hvnt skinned anything since 18wos haulin and my skills have suffered

  6. pat6234 parašė:

    So any of you guys got it after the long wait? working fine?

  7. human parašė:

    IF author dont put faster link tod download mod then can I put myself better download link if I find better or something else?

  8. kenneth mühlbrandt old author valby parašė:

    is it a stand alone or

  9. A High Hamster parašė:

    found this link in the video description on youtube
    alot faster then yandex link.

  10. human parašė:

    wait a little bit and I put alternative link to download I hope it is better, and I didn’t and dont make any change in file I upload file in rar same that original file is

  11. A High Hamster parašė:

    well it replaces all volvo trucks it requires a game restart after buying and customizeing it

  12. Dave Otto parašė:

    oh hell yea i love this truck 1 big like from you you should convert my 670 to ETS 2 that i be releasing on the Haulin forums

  13. Freddy Jimmink parašė:

    These links are way faster, thanks guys!

    But the skin is a whole othe story, i’ve looked and the plate to skin is in approx. 1.000 little pieces grrr! I hate puzzles!

  14. Freddy Jimmink parašė:

    And 1 other little remark it replaces all Volvo FH16’s in game it has no traffic file You see the FH16 instead.

    The turck is nicely detailed and drives great in my 1.4.12

    • james parašė:

      So when did ya finally upgrade to 1.4.12? I thought ya never would join the rest of us. This truck is outstanding and very stable on graphics, now all we need is to get this truck to accept the mega skin packs 1.2 for all the great company logos on this piece of art. Again welcome to the unstoppable future of ETS2!!!! I hate promoting ads just to get to say something about this game

  15. Scaniadriver parašė:

    yeah man i know it – a good one will came 🙂
    thanks for this…replaces all volvo?bad about the fh 2013 – possible to run both or gamecrash?

  16. Nick parašė:

    Customization is great – but take out the hanging dice inside. No jake brake/retarder sound or brake lights.
    Just suggestions/feedback. Excellent job to this and all modders who make the effort!

    • JA parašė:

      Jake brake sound was working fine for me (quick job). It has no sound folder or sound def file so it must use the default Volvo sounds.

  17. Freddy Jimmink parašė:

    If anyone can make it a stand alone You an use both, otherwise it is a no go with the FH 2013

  18. soneje parašė:

    Bad.Right Mirror not work,sounds are bad.

  19. Leah Elena parašė:

    works like a charm
    both truck and trailer and you do NOT need a game restart after modifying the truck
    even so. its missing turning signals on the back and its missing braking lights. 🙁

  20. hapsee parašė:

    can someone make a skin ..? 1 color is boring 🙁

  21. Uxot parašė:

    Gosh i hate this…Epic outside looking truck but ugly ### dashboard + no custom sound…oh well

  22. MrETSTrucker parašė:

    Need some time to render full mod review, the truck is great and it work with a sound mod that I have downloaded (Author:Robisierra)…

    Check out a coming up video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OP75-6RM2g

    Excelent job, keep up the good work…

  23. DanielR parašė:

    Now just make a Freightliner Classic XL with those wheels and then I will be happy, though the interior is lagging fps wise for some reason.

  24. Doghouse parašė:

    Whole Volvo flock replaced?So what,blunt nose trucks are all over the place…Try Jeff’s jake brake for extra racket,add a 18 speed box…The standard ratio transmission in the game would have the centre of the clutch plate ripped out out with the first gear change in a real truck…After all its a SIMULATOR not a \race car game\ 130kph?Not likely,especially round a corner.Give them a chance,bloody good truck for a first effort…

  25. Abaj Duwang parašė:

    Is this mod standalone?

  26. MrETSTrucker parašė:

    Full review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72hTOhoP4j0

    With the compatible sound mod…

    Happy trucking guys


  27. Robin Banks parašė:

    Steering wheel doesn’t work with Patch 1.5.2 I really hope it can fixed.

  28. Woody parašė:

    Please update for 1.5.2 this is the best truck for ETS2 EVER!!!!!

  29. chokito parašė:

    conviertanlo a la version 1.5.2 porfa esta muy bueno el truck (Y)

  30. Jay parašė:

    the steering wheel does not turn, the turn signal switch/wiper switch on the steering column turns as if it were the steering wheel it goes around and around. I have the newest 1.5 ETS2

  31. Eu parašė:

    Please update it to 1.5.2!!!

  32. mayhemftw parašė:

    Please update to 1.5.2 this looks sooo good

  33. Phillip parašė:

    Please update to 1.6 version the truck is amazing and I don’t want to change for another truck!!!!!

  34. hodgson61paul parašė:

    Is it posible to bring this mod upto date please iam running 1.7 version please up date truck thanks

  35. Starm parašė:

    Could someone convert to 1.19?

  36. seniortruckmodder parašė:

    This mod is not working it replaces all options in the dealer into vnl and when you try to install the mods the game freezes. The graphics are also terrible. #### i lost my 3 long jobs because of this

  37. андрей parašė:

    хороший мод всем советаю

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