Hotfix Countryside Map


This hotfix resolve the Terenu problem.

Authors: Narcis(redeye), Alex( KiLLeR Modding), FLD, Barrets_kills


Bennekeben’s Advanced Camera Mod Version 2.0 – 1.19ets2


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Bennekeben’s Advanced Camera Mod version 2.0 – 1.19
Tested on ets2 1.19.xx
An update of version 1.0
Includes the same functions but now with more features added !

This mod must have a Higher priority then any other mod.
Works for a few Stand alone scania’s if u want Your favorite truck
working aswell then let us know so we can add it to the next update.
The stand alone trucks must work on 1.19 to be added .
More screenshots on Steam
No new video(srry not enough time)
u can check out the Old video of version 1.0 it still includes the same features + Way more new in this version 2.0
See the info below to find out what this mod does.

What does this mod do ?
This mod changes alot of camera value’s to give u more variety in many ways.
Gives All Stock SCS trucks alot of movement possibilty on the seat adjustments + few Stand alone scania have been added..
More stand alone trucks can be added to activate this function for those aswell

What camera’s has been changed ?

***********Only works for Stock SCS added stand alone trucks*************
– Camera 1 : interior camera :
Gives u more rotation space with the mouse , this means that u can now look behind your shoulder
to enjoy more of the interior details.
Also when u press F4 (***3x f4 will open the correct menu) to adjust your seat u now have way more options to postition your camera. (See the interior screenshots)
***********Only works for Stock SCS added stand alone trucks*************

– Camera 2 : Exterior :
The oudside camera has been reworked so u can now zoom verry close/far of your truck with the mouse scroll functions.
also when u move your mouse u can create a top view on by increasing the angle.

– Camera 7 : Wheel Cam :
Just for fun i took the other Right Front wheel and place the cam a little more back.

– Camera 8 : TV Cam :
The tv cam changes camera postions a bit slower , this means that the truck needs to be be further away before the camera changes position.
for a Smoother driveby experiance

– Desktop menu : the main screen :
The depth has been changed , the truck appearance is a little different in the menu.

– Truck Config : truck shop :
When entering a Truck shop the camera has been changed so u can more easly acces every slot of the trucks modification.
Also the Zoom functions have been edited , u can now Zoom In/Out more then normal.
Its now easyer to acces all slots when Rotating & Zooming in/out/around the truck.. struggling and misclicking the wrong slot will be history!

– Photo Modus : Screenshot function :
When u now take a screenshot with the photo modus u can now add/decrease more/less value on effects with the original settings.
Lots of slider value’s have been increased/decreased to get that special effect screenshot.

Take some Special shots and Earn some fav’s and likes on your WOT profile..
or just Cruise and enjoy the ride as a passenger or from the back seat… Use the exterior camera and enjoy scs finest enviorment , set it on a top view and get that old scool gta feeling :D..

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Contact @ our site or invite Bennekeben on Steam for info&help



Trial Volvo FH16 Dashboard for 1.19

Trial Volvo FH16 Dashboard

Trial version of Volvo FH16 dashboard display.

I think, that some information in my truck in GAME not in real life,
is not need for me.

On one display together
turbine pressure with gradient bar
air pressure
fuel tank
and on bottom – trip distance, I see on it how many kilometers I go from fuel station

other display contain unused infomation for me
addblue – it will never finished early than fuel
water temperature – my truck never boils
oil pressure – I never look on it in game
and other fuel and temperature parameters
Why cruise control speed need for me on speedometer?
Compass more interesting in game :)

Author: piva


World map for ets2


World map for ets2…
Accurate to the base map and dlc north & east and also tsm maps,
will not change ur world camera limits, just the map details….
Zooming function also working

Tested on 1.18 & 1.19 versions…
Just place into ur mod folder, making sure this is below any map mods….



Real Interior Cams ETS 2 v.1.3.1


Real interior cams for all trucks v.1.3.1:

* Iveco Hi-Way
* Iveco Stralis
* Mercedes-Benz Actros
* Mercedes-Benz New Actros
* Renault Magnum
* Renault Premium
* Scania R
* Scania Streamline
* Volvo FH16 2012
* Volvo FH16 Classic

New in version 1.3.1:

* Compatible with version 1.19.1.
* Fixed errors of the exterior view in the new update in the DAF XF EURO 6 and Mercedes-Benz New Actros.
* Added the manifest, the icon the image and the description the mod for the “Mod Manager”.

Doubts or configurations:

* With the new “seat adjustment” that came in the v.1.11.1 it can modified the position the seat, but has a cap or limit and does not allow adjust with detail the seat position, so I have continued to update this mod with more precision, in a personal way.
* If it has been modified the position of the seat in the truck we drive, to run well the mod must be restored the position the seat to its original settings, from inside the cabin click three times in the “F4″ key (seat adjustment) and click the “R” key to return to the default position the seat. This is only necessary do it the first time and if it has been modified the seating position, if you have not already, it is not necessary.
* If a camera does not like or you prefer to leave the camera which has the default game, can be removed, for that we must open the mod with Winrar, go to the route “def/camera/units” and delete the file of the camera the truck which you do not want.

Tested on the game version 1.19.1

Author: Indomable



Fast Level XP + More XP + More money

Fast Level XP + More XP + More money

Tested Version 1.19.x
Compatible with DLC
Compatible with all maps
Do not forget to make a new profile

* Respect the download link *

Credits: Fred_be


Marcopolo Paradiso G7 1800 DD


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