[1.33] Schmitz S.KO Express v 2.0 (31.12.2018)

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Rework of the stand-alone (1.23) Schmitz S.KO Folding Wall Box trailer by RommiTZ, adds support for all current game features.

Fully stand-alone
Trailer ownership
Reefer body with solid walls
Dryvan & Reefer bodies with folding walls
SCS cargoes
Advanced coupling
Animated landing gear
Liftable axle
Realistic weight
Schmitz wheels by abastreppass
16 real company skins + 7 basic colour variants
Enabled in traffic
High quality AO for the box, rear bumper and wheels.
Realistic reflectives
Cable physics support
(accessory) Aspock Unipoint 1 markers (amber/red/white)

Installation: Copy the downloaded .zip archive to your mod folder and activate the mod in the Mod manager.

Respect the original download link.
Uploading the mod to other sites is allowed with the original download link. Include all authors to show respect for their work.

Rework author: obelihnio
Original authors: Rommi TZ, Sib3rius, Sheryo
Wheel authors: abasstreppas (3d model), obelihnio (adaptation to trailer ownership)

Skins: obelihnio

v2.0: Reefer body with solid walls; Stock rear bumper with double rear lights; Empty rear bumper for advanced customization options; Aspock Unipoint 1 side markers; Side markers with accessory slots; Optional vents for the new body; Aspock Unipoint 1 stand-alone accessory (amber/red/white); Multiple tweaks and fixes in def files; Fixed issues with stock bumper model; Fixed issue with lift axle clipping through the fender; Disabled the trailer in freight market – Use the addon from the description to enable it); Updated templates
v1.4: Fixed trailer height, added reefer body option, added two cooling units, fixed missing accessory texture on Emons skin, updated template & skins, added reefer to AI traffic
v1.31: Fixed freight market definition crash, fixed gap between Alcoa rim and Hankook tire, tweaked tire and wheel offsets.
v1.3: Complete mod rework; support for trailer ownership; fixed AO on the body and rear doors; new chassis fakeshadow; multiple parts changed to accesories; added custom license plate support; added Schmitz wheels by abasstrepass; updated template, updated skins
v1.2: Cable physics support, integrated Italia DLC cargoes, updated collisions.
v1.1: 7 new company skins and 2 new variants for existing skins, all skins can be selected via the custom trailer selection on delivery pick-up

obelihnio, abasstreppas, Rommi TZ, Sib3rius, Sheryo


5 thoughts on “[1.33] Schmitz S.KO Express v 2.0 (31.12.2018)

  1. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.33…


  2. Thanks for this update,
    The back is a little low, the old skins do not match (only the back) for the rest is fine.

  3. Is it possible to use it in V 1.32?

  4. Trucker Kev

    Please make a schmitz curtainsider

  5. libherr3000

    a very cool mod, I recommend, make other companies’ names for semi-trailers on the same lines, there will be a victory

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