30s 40s 50s Radio Stations by Momo v 1.0

If you are like me craving to hear songs of the “good old days” while driving in ETS2. Although was not born in those days but for some unknown reason falling in love with songs our grand parents used to listen. More stations will be added in the future, and the reason why I have only 4 stations now because this kind of stations is very rare and hard to find. But these 4 stations play authentic 30s/40s/50s songs which all were handpicked and tested by me.
This file will give you:
30s Radio = 2 stations
50s Radio = 2 stations
Total 4 stations

All of the stations are handpicked and tested by me, so all of them work 100% in the game.
1. Download the file (a text file)
2. Copy the file and paste it in your My Document>Euro Truck Simulator2 folder, then it will replace the existing file of the same name. Or alternatively you can open my file and copy the texts and paste inside the existing file.
3. Run the game. It’s done.
** You should keep a copy of the game’s original file in another place, for safety reason. **
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3 thoughts on “30s 40s 50s Radio Stations by Momo v 1.0

  1. Mate, this is pure gold. Thanks a lot!

  2. Thanks Momo, I will listen and wait for any update… Good idea!

  3. Bonsoir MOMO,

    Merci pour ce mod, quel plaisir que de rouler en musique, et quel musique….super…comme d’habitude.
    Merci, bonne route

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