50k R2008 Standalone V1


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For 1.14.xx versions

-anaheim and mr.poland

* DO NOT re-upload this package to others file providers!! *



16 thoughts on “50k R2008 Standalone V1

  1. good work, go on

  2. Scania Lover

    Awesome work!!

  3. where can i buy it? its not in the scania shop i have te scania t too is this maybe the problem?

  4. GhostRunner


    the truck is standalone since the first version, another model with which you take the credits to your account. 1 chassis modified +1 lightbox and a skin bottle = a complete mod for i.d.i.o.t.s but not for those who know that you did nothing. MATCOM = little s.h.i.t who understands moder it is because of people like you that we do not distribute our mods

  5. very good please make 50k daf xf also!

  6. Awesome mod cant find any bugs with it at all! some more interiour for the truck would be nice! But overall awesome Scania!

  7. Oh the scania t is in the same place as the 2008 is if you remove the T model you shoudnt have any problems

  8. Is it a way to make it replace an another slot? Cause i got the T-series mod, which might conflict with it as told above.

    1. This is what can be done by yourself. Go to /def/vehicle/truck_dealer/scania and rename the file there on which place the mod should stand. And also, edit the file and change the line at top with the name.

      1. Thanks! Now i cant finaly drive this without removing my lovely t-series 😉

      2. Cheesecake

        Cant figure out how to get it to work with the t model, i change the name to scania_2 and then save but wont show up =/

  9. You had an accident when you were young GhostRunner?
    Be as ###### as this is not possible ^^
    We should learn to check before criticizing and being vulgar.
    If MatDom doing something is that it has received the agreement otherwise would not do.

    Tu as eu un accident quand tu étais jeune GhostRunner ?
    Etre aussi con que ça c’est pas possible ^^
    Il faudrait apprendre à se renseigner avant de critiquer et être vulgaire.
    Si MatDom fait quelque chose c’est qu’il a reçu l’accord sinon il ne le ferait pas.

  10. Can Kriechenbaum make a good v8 sound for this?

  11. matdom1988

    Yes, I completely forgot to put in the credits.
    I’ll put it in the next version that will be compatible with the scania t and v2 R2008.

  12. So sad, i have to be lvl 25 to get this?? 🙁

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