900.000.000 Money 8.000.000 XP Mod

900.000.000-Money-8.000.000-XP-Mod-1 900.000.000-Money-8.000.000-XP-Mod-2

Initially gives money and XP
Tested 1.22

Author: Resul41


16 Responses to 900.000.000 Money 8.000.000 XP Mod

  1. byron skipsey says:

    how do you activate it

  2. Resul41 says:

    Before opening a new profile You will install the mod manager

  3. retedreterter says:

    The XP doesn’t work for me.

  4. 123 says:

    both don’t work at all.

  5. bmg5229 says:

    worked for me just fine thanks

  6. jimbygum says:

    of course they won’t you can’t add a new profile with a .scs file. There is a specific files in your profile folder, that tells the game how much you have. Better to download the money cheat program, and use the output , its guaranteed to work.
    when ever you see something claiming to give you money in ets 2 and it’s only coming with a .scs file, be wary its like something else such as virus masquerading as a genuine file…non of these sites check the content

  7. Resul41 says:

    When opening a new profile You activate mode Leave the first load
    xp coming

  8. snorre says:

    i have truble getting the money, i have done all the things you have written but it dosent work.

  9. dradeb says:


  10. Rattra says:

    It’s easy to use. For the people with problems… When you create a new profile, you need to acess the mods (on the left), in this way you earn the Money instantly, but fot winning the experience you need to make the first job and you need to PARKING WITHOUT HELP, if you use the instante parking, it will not work!

    Good Drives

    • foggyburt says:

      never read such crap. really someone needs to be vetting these mods…otherwise it’s a site full of useless mods, costing the owner money.

  11. Krazy says:

    is it supposed to be a rar file

  12. bgamer says:

    gente, isto é bosta

  13. Morton OLSON says:

    Nice One……1 KM Tour – all Skills. LoooooooLooooL !

  14. ab gamer says:


  15. moeid says:


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