93-RP Mod Trailer MegaPack [WORK IN MULTIPLAYER]

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– 730 Trailers

Double HCT Trailer

Krone Trailer Fix
Trible B Trailer
Australien Trailer V1prototype only 4 trailer

Double HCT heavy cargo pack ALLOWED

New combinaison Trailer

For more information:

NEW Discord send your picture with mod ?




Support ME for my Work


Work in Multiplayer

Need DLC

Heavy Cargo pack
Krone Trailer pack

High power Cargo pack

Special Transport No allowed in TruckerMP ( Its working …. bug Hitbox in MP and probleme with server you can take a Perma Ban) or auto kik




24 thoughts on “93-RP Mod Trailer MegaPack [WORK IN MULTIPLAYER]

  1. jeanmichel

    si tu insultes sur le forum pas etonnant que tu sois banni

    Publié par Truckerpilot

    Raison: édition de sauvegarde excessive – §3.2 – Modding de la bande-annonce – Insulte – https://prnt.sc/k4gb1s https://ibb.co/fgjVgo // 1 m en raison de l’historique

    Expire: 12 août 2018 23:22 UTC

    1. wow the man he see the red light and he touch me …. wow im the terorist

    2. and look seve edit trailer … i means

    3. and tell me that you never insult a guy … because he doesn’t know how to drive and my mistake dates back a long time …

      1. #### it’s hillarious you trying to defend yourself.
        you got what you deserved. When you installed TMP you aknowlegde you read and understood the rules. If you decide not to follow them rules and break them, your responsible for your own actions.
        And btw, I don’t think twitch likes it as well when you assault other players. 😉 Just think about this 😉

        1. i start ETS2 Twitch at.. 2018 … when i stat a save edit

  2. jeanmichel

    c’est pas bien de insulter donc pour moi je ne telecharge pas ton mod
    Publié par DesertEagle26

    Raison: insulter les utilisateurs – https://prnt.sc/ju9kj9

    Expire: 23 juin 2018 14:34 UTC

    1. wow im criminal one guy he going me and he fck my trailer mise work of truck over 5000 KM ….

  3. does ets2 version 1.36 work

    1. yes

  4. It’s really not smart to “test” your mods in a TMP Server to start with. Test them somewhere way of grid, offline mode or in singleplayer. (preferbaly OFFLINE or SINGLEPLAYER)
    Testing mods in a server with people around is asking for troubles. Period.
    You have been banned multiple times for illegal trailers, yet you still take the risk to spawn them in for your testing purposes.
    It’s all your own fault.
    Don’t come crying now buddy..

    1. yes its true but evertime he change the rules … and today all it allowed …. maybe ((( its not sure ) but because i start to make a mod onwed and many pepol see the work and … TMP change the rule))) i have 30K dl total so …. and i test to see its working … look the exemple , one guy he report me so sav edit but the man is a cheater look remember the name https://www.twitch.tv/gaia93tv/clip/AttractiveObeseQueleaChocolateRain?filter=clips&range=all&sort=time
      that day I worked 8 days to be able to put a mod online
      just for this revenge he tried to ban me and it worked

      next … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6ePNLj5PsU&feature=youtu.be … today its allowed ….. and the admin the name is [FT M] FreZyFaiL
      I had a lot of problem because he had fun downloading clips from my live to put them on your quotation det post me for nothing,
      and when you look … it’s true that I made mistakes like insults but hey .. you understand you made a mission and 5000 km later and well we put the trailer at 98% but there are postponement it’s completely silly but at least I share my story

      1. Sure this guy is a cheater. Yet you still drove an illegal trailer. Why trying to blame the other guy for it? You still did not follow the rules and got punished for it.

        Second clip same. At the time your combination WAS NOT allowed. Sure it’s allowed today, but it wasn’t when that clip was shot.
        What’ the point in defending yourself here?

        Offcourse I also get mad when someone rams me. Difference is, i’m not showing my anger ingame, and I’m not trying to be the alpha male by throwing all sorts of swears at another player, so I just keep my hands of the chat, save the recording and move on with my day. Ez as that.

      2. And I drove custom trailers like some of the trailers in your mod, long before your mod was released.
        Save edit was allowed alot more then it was after the major rule changes 2019.
        If anything, I don’t think your mod caused the rules to allow it, I think your mod made more harm then good, which caused the rules to change, and significantly allow alot less.

    2. and don’t tkt I don’t cry it’s just a shame to ban a person who gives content on TMP after we like or don’t like but here I don’t know a lot of people who have done as much work as me

      1. So you think if you give content to the comunity, you should be granted imunity? ####
        What you don’t seem to understand is that you broke the rules multiple times.
        Rules clearly state what you can and cannot save edit. And you are no exception on the rule.

        1. it is useless to speak here I know what I say and that ceaint of my ban are not justifying (but not all) …. the last yes but the other two .. nan anyway

    3. and yes I test in solo and in multi to say that it’s works and that there is no bug … I like to even drive 800,000 km and I was banished
      for nothing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6ePNLj5PsU&feature=youtu.be

  5. !! new bug https://www.zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=20/19/lbc7.png all trailer finished by this trailer its not work ouside the DLC italia !!! if you have DLc you see the trailer BUT … if the driver have DLC its OK … but ohter pepole don’t have a DLC see the a tendem Trailer … !!

    1. all pack its allowed but if you see the Special transport part … you can’t use it but if its all heavy cargo pack its allowed

  6. Alessandro

    Hi,why the 2 locomotive is no more allowed? To heavy??

    1. hey its allowed .. do you see the red picture with Not Allowned ? so yes you can use it

  7. Faz um Mod com o reboque do evento de natal de 2019, igual o HCT que tem no mod mas apenas o reboque do evento

  8. jorn adams

    are these just customizable owned trailers or do they spawn in the job market to? also 1.38 supported?

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