Abasstreppas Wheels Pack v 3.0

This mod includes various chromed and painted wheels and several Alcoa discs, as well as hubcaps and nuts.
Drives and hubs are painted only by editing the dds-texture, and not using the color palette in the store.
Instructions on how to paint the rims and hubs in the templates folder.
The bolts on the wheel and the discs themselves have their respective logo or name for each brand of truck in the ETS2.



7 thoughts on “Abasstreppas Wheels Pack v 3.0

  1. OLD Mod from 2016!

  2. Fake mod lol

  3. But it works? Do you have errors?

  4. DAF Trucker GER

    Report this uploader… stolen mods and reupload!!! TO MANY!

    1. TeddyBear

      lol its not stolen.
      its free and public on scsforum.

  5. @TeddyBear,
    And that then gives people the right to simply re-upload mods from other modders. Do not see how you have to adorn yourself permanently with the intellectual property of others. Begin yourself, too.

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