Accessories Pack for RJL’s Scania 1.32

Note from the Author:
At the moment the Accessories are ony available on RJL’s Rs & R4
in the future I’m planning to make the mod work with more trucks!

Version 1.0:
Parts included:
-5 custom sideskirt stripes for fueltanks and 5s Sideskirts both for left and right side
-a roof rack
-some slots on the roof.

The “only slots” can be added from the roof grill slot, the roof rack
from the beacon slot and the stripes from the side exhaust slots.

Working in 1.31.x and 1.32 game versions.

V. Mourtos ; Adaption to 1.32 Terg


8 thoughts on “Accessories Pack for RJL’s Scania 1.32

  1. panos_143

    hi guys i want your help. i want rjl trucks kai i don’t know where can find and download mods

    1. Go to the SCS-Forum to find the Original.
      Or search on this Site.

  2. Teopro100

    Kane ta plaina na einai kai me vafh

  3. rjl doesnt work on 1.32 lol #####

    1. Maybe you are ##### because rjl works on 1.32

  4. ScaniaFreak

    Hi, i cannot download it from, it keeps opening ads and resets the download before even actually downloading
    Any help?

  5. doesnt work on 1.33

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