Adaptive Increased Traffic Mod v 1.2

Adaptive-Increased-Traffic-Mod-v-1.2-2 Adaptive-Increased-Traffic-Mod-v-1.2-1

Tested with 1.9 to 1.9.10 versions

Changelog v 1.2:
– Changed Format from scs to zip
– Ability for the users to change the values
– Low End PC’s compactibility without lagging
– Fixed Conjuctions in Traffic Signals

Author: Murshid4Gaming


57 thoughts on “Adaptive Increased Traffic Mod v 1.2

  1. Murshid4Gaming

    This mod is compatible with the newly released 1.9.11 patch too, Sorry about the size [ Added a few HD images in it ], any concern please comment or email me…
    This is a lite version and now increases traffic at most of the time..Users having low end pc’s could decrease the values and Test in the game, And email me the values, I would make the next version v1.3 with that values…

    1. renaulthater

      Can you explain me what does max vehicle count mean in game,max truck safety modifier. I have also noticed that there is a difference between max vehicle and truck so what is a good combination? Like max vehicle 5000 max truck 2500

      1. Murshid4Gaming

        As the name conveys, max vehicle count is the limit of total vehicles including cars and trucks it could spawn…Out of the max vehicle count, the maximum number of trucks means the total number of ai trucks and trailers being spawned.. Any values can be set to these two commands, but dont keep the max truck count greater that the max vehicle count…Ai safety modifier could be set by 0.5,1.0,1.5,… etc value..

        1. what “Ai safety modifier could be set by 0.5,1.0,1.5,… etc value..” means? what happens when is closer to 0 or when is bigger than 1 ?

      2. Murshid4Gaming

        The values set would also depend on the computer, how much you computer is advanced that much vehicles would be spawned at a time…
        I am having an alienware 18 with NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 780M with 4GB GDDR5, it would spawn nearly 126 vehicles at a single spawning slot..

        1. renaulthater

          My graphics card is not that greatest. I have a Palit GT 440 1GB DDR3 and I plan to get a gtx 750 ti or the Sapphire 260X 2GB GDDR5. So this mod affects the performance of the game.

          1. Murshid4Gaming

            This mod doesn’t affect the game performance, depending on the system performance number of traffic vehicles spawned would be dependent..So as it will provide a smooth gameplay…

            If you got the good values please say,I would make it my next mod..

    2. Amigo me podrías explicar como instalo este mod se ve muy bueno soy un novato en esto del euro truck por favor

      1. Murshid4Gaming

        Usted encontrará un archivo zip en el archivo.Solo descargado tendría que extraer el archivo zip a la carpeta donde se guarda el juego … Por lo general, lo que sería en C:.. \ Users \ Public \ Documents \ Euro Truck Simulator 2 \ mod .. Extracto de allí y que iba a funcionar … Entonces se inicia el mod, en pantalla de perfil, seleccione Editar y activar el mod que está en el lado derecho de la pantalla .. y luego jugar su juego, que iba a funcionar .. .

  2. i didn’t find the version 1.9.10 please help me ?

    1. 1.9.10 and its over is still in beta test in steam user only who plays and test in steam beta version

    2. Murshid4Gaming

      As Human said, it is still in public beta test and only those who opt for it would get the early beta updates…

  3. ClassicDutchTrucker

    Is a new video needed? Let me know, i think the previous video will do fine.

    Part 2 (Showing a city)

    1. renaulthater

      do you a mod for the camera?

    2. ClassicDutchTrucker

      It´s a simple change in the config.cfg

      Go to your Documents, Euro Truck Simulator 2, and then search for config.cfg.
      (Open it with NotePad or something similar, and then search for “uset g_console “0”. Change the 0 to 1, and then search for “uset g_developer “0”. Change that 0 to 1, and you´re good to go. Once in game, press 0 and then you should be able to fly around. You can also place your truck anywhere by pressing F9.

      Hope it helps. 🙂

      1. renaulthater

        Thank you. I have already done the changes because I wanted to see the map editor

      2. renaulthater

        Did something like that happen to you. I press once F9 and the map “ate” my lovely green Scania.

        1. ClassicDutchTrucker

          Haha, you’ve probably had the camera too low. Try positioning it a bit higher, so it won’t collide with the map.

          1. Murshid4Gaming

            He is an newbie in camera editing, even when i was a newbie in that half of my truck was stuck underground….

          2. renaulthater

            how do i control the camera because it is always low. and yes i am a newbie in camera editing.

          3. ClassicDutchTrucker

            Use the WASD keys to move.

        2. Murshid4Gaming

          You have to control the camera with numpad 2,4,6,8 as well as with the mouse controls too…

          did you felt hurt when i said you as a newbie in camera edit, i said like that because when i was a newbie i had the same experience like you…sorry if it hurt you…

      3. Murshid4Gaming

        Dear classic dutch trucker i have an off topic issue hope you help…

        1. ClassicDutchTrucker

          What is it?

          If you prefer, you can send me a PM on YouTube.

          1. Murshid4Gaming

            I have two things one in real life other the virtual,
            first virtual can you say how to add a truck’s mod or it’s skin…
            second in real i own a bmw 650i gran coupe and i want to switch off the daytime running lamps , if you could help please..Details i will try to pm you in youtube..

    3. Murshid4Gaming

      No thank you Dutch Trucker, it is just a lite version, When the original version is released i would say about it at that time..thanks for your videos…

  4. Brilliant Mod Yet Again. Looking Forward To Future Updates

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Thanks Beth, If god bless i would add new versions of this mod…

  5. today new version – 1.9.11 on steam

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Dear pallmall, actually i live in Saudi Arabia, and 1.9.11 was released at 8 pm local time, but by that time this mod was there in the website…But as i said this version is compatible with 1.9.11

  6. Amazing mod !

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Thanks weggar for your compliments…

  7. Brilliant again mr murshid your mod is wonderful my friend

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Thanks again my friend , hope to serve you at any time….

  8. TruckSimFan


    I just want to say this mod (and the other versions) is very well done 🙂

    I often drive through the night (fatigue off), and I like how there is almost no traffic at midnight compared to 8:00 AM when there is heavier morning commute traffic.

    If you combine this with the TDU car pack that has 82 cars and other AI car packs, it makes the game feel real due to variation in traffic amounts and composition.

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Dear truck sim fan, thanks for your compliments, even i am a night driver because i love to ride with lights..

      for combining with that mods i would have to ask the author of that mod, and I would require his permissions..Anyway that would be a great idea in doing so..

  9. scaniaguy21

    Does it work with

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      I havent tested with, i am not sure whether it would work..I made it for 1.9 or greater…
      sorry for that could you please check whether it works or not and let me know….

      1. renaulthater

        The mod is tested with 1.9.x builds which change the ai. I have found new files on def.scs regarding the traffic so I dont think it works with 1.8.

  10. Very nice modification!

    Previous i have used other ai mods which where good, but this one has a lot of trucks in traffic…very relistic.

    Love it.

    However, i do use it in combination with the ‘AI_cars_diffusion mod’ which to my understanding is compatable with 1.9x too.

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Thanks for the compliments, In my mod i just focused in trucks and trailers because this game depends on them and when we look into the city only the industrial are is opened for free roam so there as in rel life more trucks would be there rather that ai cars..
      anyway that is a great choice of combining with ai diffusion as it focus on ai cars more…Anyway have a great time playing with these mods…

  11. *realistic


  12. Great mod.

    Is it working with 1.8 or you must have the 1.9 of ETS2?

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Dear sort, thanks for the comment, but i have designed it for 1.9 and greater and lastly tested with 1.9.11 released yesterday..I am not sure whether it works with 1.8.x if you could test it would be of great help as i am not having 1.8 game…

    2. renaulthater

      The mod is tested with 1.9.x builds which change the ai. I have found new files on def.scs regarding the traffic so I dont think it works with 1.8.

  13. Murshid4Gaming. These Mods Are Fantastic. I Would Love To Get Into Modding. Please Will You Teach Me?

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Dear beth, it’s my pleasure to help you, I would teach you what all i know about modding..
      If you need , please contact me through my email [email protected] if you trust me.

  14. I want to have a lot of traffic in game, quite heavy traffic, and my computer is high spec, so what would you recommend the values to be changed to for heavy traffic?

  15. It works 1.9.22 ?

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Yes it does work in 1.9.22…

  16. we must put the folder “def” in the ‘mod’ ETS2 ?
    It’s format sii and no scs ?????

    Help me!!!!!!

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      when you open the downloaded file, there would be a zip file in it, copy the zip file to mod ets 2 folder in documents..and select the mod while the game loads…

      1. Can you put the settings you use for your traffic ? Im running 2GB GDDR5 and wanna get as much traffic as possible.
        I put 99500 max vehicle
        99400 for max truck and ai modifier to 20000 but theirs not much traffic around

    2. John Necir Rebellion
  17. mas kok ane udah coba tak ubah max vehicle count jadi 100 ribu tapi kok rasanya ga dapet macet yang macet banget ya, jalannya masih keliatan sepi sepi aja, kan seru kalo ada macet macetnya sebenarnya

  18. This plugin’s description is totally misleading.

    There is nothing “adaptive” in it. The ONLY thing that this does is:

    traffic_data : {
    max_vehicle_count: 6000
    max_truck_count: 4320
    ai_safety_modifier: 1.0}

    So to summarize, it only changes some traffic parameters – like all of the other traffic mods do.

    Nothing adaptive whatsoever, and the mod size could have been less than 1kb.

  19. Firstly I have to give thanks to the author who brings us a way to edit the traffic density in game,

    I thought the setting could be done in game at first, however, to edit in .sii with notepad is still ok.

    Can you give us some norms for us to follow so that I know which value suits my favor?
    e.g. Busy, Very Busy, heavy traffic jam in hillroad, heavy traffic jam in highway…

    And, what is the meaning in changing the “ai_safety_modifier”
    does it mean it could make AI cars crazily drive, with unsafe driving paths? what is the max. value for it?

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