Addon for the Trailers and Cargo Pack v3.4 from Jazzycat


This addition is intended for fans of unusual traffic and heavy cargo. This addition increased the mass of more than 70 cargoes.
As a bonus, there is a similar archive in addition to Military Cargo Pack v1.6.

The main modes you can download on the website of the author.

P. S. In the process of change in mass intensively used information from the Internet and the formula from school physics course – Mass = Volume x Density, and in some cases used fantasy:).

This mod does not claim to full realism.

Author of the main modes: Jazzycat Author of this addon: Tornado


4 thoughts on “Addon for the Trailers and Cargo Pack v3.4 from Jazzycat

  1. cargo pack 3.4 is no longer compatible with 1.19

    so this mod is pointless

    1. As far as I know the version 1.19 is only tested …..
      Have you thought about those players who, for various reasons, playing on versions 1.16, 1.17, 1.18 ….. or do you think that everyone in droves and also moved to version 1.19 or 1.20 before the official release? 🙂
      When will the official update and come out a new modes from Jazzycat, then I will release add-on for version 1.19.

  2. 1.9 is out just now, stable 1.9 was released last week.

  3. This is a comprehensive response to the meaninglessness of this add-on:

    I think that translated from German would be easy? 🙂

    Himself events may not work on version 1.19, but my addition will work on versions 1.18 and higher, if only globally will not change the folder structure and format of the performance of trailers.

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