AI Motorcycle

AI-Motorcycle-1 AI-Motorcycle-2 AI-Motorcycle-3

Package models of motorcycles in traffic.
Compatible with MAP EAA

Tested on 1.21s

Authors: SCS, Lucas Morais


6 thoughts on “AI Motorcycle

  1. CajunMan0001

    I like seeing more motorcycles then the ones that show up in Jazzycats AI traffic, but geeze, when I use this, there are no ai cars anymore. I see trucks, Jazzycat busses, and all motocycles. None of jazzycats cars show up anymore.

    If a version comes out where it puts them in every once in a while instead of replacing the cars with them, then I’ll use it. But have to pass right now as would like to see variety not all motorcycles and no cars.

  2. obrigado por compartilhar Lucas.

    Este mod funciona somente no EAA?

    Eu pergunto porque eu instalei no meu profile v1.21x Promods e somente vejo motos no tráfego e um ou outro caminhão apesar de eu ter vários outros mods de tráfego – Jazzycat, Insane Jerico, Fabricen….

    Tem como corrigir?

  3. ShuqGrind

    Not bad at all,thanx guys!

  4. Drive Safely

    Great models.

    But who would ride a motorcycle with a T-shirt?

    Not the most realistic mod.

  5. solaris36

    Hi. A simply correction:

    Rename file: “” to” and the cars will appear again. 🙂

    Delete folder “country” to decrease bikes spawn frecuency.

    Thank you for the mod, it´s very cool. 🙂

    Wheels disappear on short distance. It´s possible to correct this adding and LOD model with the wheels on blender.

    1. Thanks for help to fix the issues.

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