AI Realistic Lights v 1.4 for 1.28

Changes in this version with respect to the previous one:

– Slightly reduced blur of traffic lights and some AI vehicles
– Reduced very slightly the darkness of the night.
– Added effect of reflectors only in some sections of barrier.
– Elevated all levels of light in:
Street lamps and factories of all heights, both vertical and omni-directional lighting, ferries, gas stations, companies, tolls, aqueducts, garages, tunnels, bridges and stadiums.

Author: Rockeropasiempre
Tester: Kabuto and Camelot.

File Size: 422.8 Mb



11 thoughts on “AI Realistic Lights v 1.4 for 1.28

  1. VipersFury

    Would this work in American Truck Simulator as well that you know by any chance?
    Since I do miss proper lightning there and so far haven’t found a mod from yours for the AI Lights and stuff that has to do with lights.

    Keep up the great work.

    1. Rockeropasiempre

      Hello mate. The mod was created for ETS2, so I do not think it can be worth, since many files are different. At the moment only working on ets2 already consumes much of my time, I regret not having more, to be able to dedicate to ATS. We will then enjoy ETS2.

      Thanks for your positive feedback, my friend.

      1. VipersFury

        Ok thx for the reply Rockeropasiempre.
        Glad to be able to use it for ETS2 😉

  2. Tremonia1974

    not really realistic!


    1. Rockeropasiempre

      Thanks to you for the pleasant and positive comment, that makes the desire to work continue companion.


      1. fullxpert

        Спасибо за этот хороший мод!теперь моим глазам приятнее смотреть на окружающее меня освещение.Всех Благ Вам!

        1. Rockeropasiempre

          Большое спасибо вам за ваш комментарий fullxpert .
          Не все комментарии приветствуются, но иногда стоит продолжать работать.

          Приветственное приветствие

  4. NtsParadize

    Does it work with the Tweaked SCS flares mod by obelihnio?

    1. Rockeropasiempre

      hello NtsParadize.

      They are very similar mods. They use practically the same files, but obelinho has not modified the textures. They differ in the ranges of lights for example and that mine carries other different textures.
      Try the two and choose the one you like.
      I am preparing a new version that is going to have enough and good improvements with respect to this version.

      A friendly greeting

  5. Rockeropasiempre

    Estoy trabajando en una versión aún mas arriesgada y con nuevas texturas. Todavía me queda bastante tiempo de trabajo por delante. Hay nuevas texturas que estoy creando, y después conlleva las pruebas. Ensayo y error, arreglar y probar de nuevo hasta obtener el resultado optimo. Espero que el trabajo merezca la pena, y en cuanto esté terminado lo compartiré con los compañeros de la pagina.

    I’m working on an even more risky version with new textures. I still have enough time to work ahead. There are new textures that I am creating, and then it carries the tests. Test and error, fix and test again until you get the optimal result. I hope the work is worthwhile, and as soon as it is finished I will share it with the companions of the page.

    Я работаю над еще более рискованной версией с новыми текстурами. У меня все еще достаточно времени для работы. Появляются новые текстуры, которые я создаю, и затем он проводит тесты. Проверьте и исправьте, исправьте и испытайте снова, пока не получите оптимальный результат. Надеюсь, что работа стоит того, и как только она будет закончена, я поделюсь ею со спутниками на странице.

    Saludos Rockeropasiempre
    Greetings Rockeropasiempre
    Приветствие Rockeropasiempre

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