AI Sound Mod (Updated)


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This mod replaces the default sounds for the AI trucks
Were added sounds for Renault, Scania and Volvo and works with any version of the game, just drag and drop the archive in your mod folder and be sure to enable it on the profile selection menu

Author: Wembo


7 thoughts on “AI Sound Mod (Updated)

  1. Debelizm!

  2. Shogoon1984

    Sorry, the Renault and the Volvo sounds like a Tractor.

    1. LionBuster


  3. -100

  4. MidniteTrain

    Great idea but still needs some work maybe. They all sound a like to me. Sorry but I’ll wait.

  5. Its not good. We need a Truck Sound. This sound its not that

  6. C’mon guys! This sounds awesome. Except, you’ll need higher revs for it to sound more genuine

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