AI Traffic Mod v 5.6.1 [03.10.2016] by D.B Creation Dev Team


Traffic Mod 5.6.1 [03.10.2016] by D.B Creation Dev Team
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Last Updated on : October/03/2016
Please visit our Homepage for new Updates and fixes.

This Mod Pack includes :
– D.B Creations Special Rain Effects Ver. 1.1.8
– D.B Creations Xenon Lights for SCS Player Trucks Ver. 5.5.1
– D.B Creations AI traffic Behavior Ver. 5.6.8
– D.B Creations High Intensity Traffic Ver. 5.4.7
– D.B Creations Traffic Essentials Ver. 5.8.3
– D.B Creations Traffic Trailer Pack Ver. 5.5.6

My Mods includes together :
– Added Real Licence Plates for all countrys.
– Added more traffic in City’s.
– Added reflectors on delineators in some countrys.
– Added new Loadingscreens
– Added new AI Vehicle Lights
– Added LED Dangerous Turn signals by Satan19990 ( Premission and credits by Satan)
– Added 3 AI Cars speed variants :
-> 1. 80 km/h
-> 2. 110 ~ 135 km/h
-> 3. 160 ~ 200 km/h
– Added 2 AI Truck speed variants :
-> 6×4 Trucks = 70 – 80 km/h
-> 4×2 Trucks = 90 km/h
– Added more Trafficlights and circles.
– Added Real Speedlimits in all Country’s.
– Added some Environment changes.
– Added many Sounds for mover, Companies, Ai Traffic and Environment
– Added new Rain Particles for the Wheels.
– Added new raindrops and increases the number of drops.
– Added new Rain Sound Effects.
– Added new Main screen music by D.B Creation
– Added our own Trailer Skin with our Logo
– Changed many Textures In-Game e.g Roads, Surfaces, Decals and Terrains
– Changed Map Zoom for Map Mod user
– Changed Economy Data
– Changed Traffic Light Circles.
– Changed all traffic and vehicle flares and improved.
– Changed Traffic Spawn distance
– Corrected behavior of AI trucks and cars.
– Corrected maximum speeds for cars.
– Improved AI traffic characteristics.
– Improved traffic behavior in the traffic circle and minor bug fixes.
– Increased vision coverage for AI traffic.
– Increased visibility of warning signs. (Flares)
– Increased visibility of traffic lights. (Flares)
– Increased Interior sound volume.
– Traffic was greatly increased.
– Traffic flow improved education of traffic jam.
– Unlocked all AI Cars, Trucks & Trailers in each country.
– Unlocked all AI Cars & Truck colors in traffic.
– Unlocked all hidden France Paintjobs for AI Traffic Trailer.

[*** Changelist: ***]
– Please see inside the Zip File to see the changes

[*** Credits: ***]
D.B. Creation
Nelson Burotto
SCS Software
Satan19990 @

[* Beta Tester *]
Brett @ trailrunner4life

D.B Creation Dev Team

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Author: D.B Creation Dev Team


14 thoughts on “AI Traffic Mod v 5.6.1 [03.10.2016] by D.B Creation Dev Team

  1. Repoman500


  2. muchas gracias, este archivo si esta muy bien, se agradece el cambio y muy bueno su trabajo, los felicito por estos MOD y tambien por su responsabilidad para nosotros los jugadores

  3. seems to crash to desktop both this and prev version in 1.25.

  4. Sweet Amber AUS

    gday D.B team
    love this mod, been using it for ages, but latley, one thing has been bugging me…The AI are brake checking often, after they change lane, during changing lanes, when a car in front changes lane the one behind slowes down way too much, pile ups are happening way too often, can this be changed?

  5. Latvishhhhh

    Тот же самый мод. Размер файлов и дата такие же. Модераторы – вы дурачье, засрали весь сайт фейками.

  6. what is the order of the mod in the manager mod?

  7. noticed the issue of the T intersections was partially solved, cars aren’t stopping anymore, only trucks (they shouldn’t) more details on scs forum here
    then high traffic is to high, even with strong PC I get only 15 fps and no way to overtake other cars.
    without high traffic enabled there is very low traffic on national roads.
    noticed also that cars sometimes use brake for no reasons and slowing the traffic overall.
    the good thing are that cars overtake more often, even in fron of you, a car can “jump” in front of you just like in real world 🙂 cars seem to be faster (despite the brakes) and tent to engage faster in intersection (except for the ###### stops of the trucks)

  8. darex2521

    witam czy działa z Mario 1. 17 i 1. 18

    1. топгеран

      подскажите какой файл в трафике работающие маячки зарание большое спасибо

  9. D_B_Creation

    @ All : Thanks for report this Problems, we try to fix it so fast as possiple. When we are finish i upload the new Version of our Mod.

    Your D.B Creation Dev Team Germany

    1. darex2521

      dziękujemy za szybką odpowiedz

  10. My game is crashing with this mod on 1.25

  11. топгеран

    ребят подскажите какой файл в трафике работающие маячки зарание большое спасибо

  12. Some parts of this collection are stolen from other creators and then all of this mods inside locked ???

    Guys use D.A.R.T. unlocker to unlock all and have free fun !!!!!!!!!!!!

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