AI Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v3.0


Pack adds in traffic 174 new AI cars:

Mercedes-Benz A-Class(W169), C-Class(W203, W204), E-Class(W124, W210, W212), S-Class(W220, W221), CLK(C209), ML63, G65, CL65, GL450, CLA, Vito, Vario, Sprinter(903, 906)
BMW 1(E82, F21), 3(E36, E46, E92), 5(E34, E39, F10), 6(E63), 7(E38, E66), X5(E70), X6(E71), Z4(E89)
Audi 80(Avant), A4(B5, B6 Avant, B8 Avant), A6(C5, C6), Q7, RS5, TT, R8
Volkswagen Touareg, Golf 2, Golf 3, Golf 4, Golf 5, Golf 6, Polo, Beetle, Scirocco, Passat(B5, B6 Variant), Bora, Transporter(T4), LT
Renault 19, Kangoo, Master, Master Cargo, Clio II, Espace III, Megane(II, III), Twingo, Trafic
Fiat Panda, Ducato Camper, Ducato Van, Fiat/Abarth 500
Alfa Romeo 155, 159, Brera, Mito, Giulietta, 8C Competizione
Citroen C1, C2, C6, C8, DS3, DS4
Peugeot 107, 206, 207, 308, 406, 508, RCZ
Seat Leon, Ibiza, Altea
Dacia Logan, Duster
Opel/Vauxhall Vectra C, Astra(F Caravan, J Caravan), Insignia(Sedan, Wagon), Agila, Corsa
Porsche 911, Cayenne, Panamera
Ford Focus 3, Scorpio, Transit Sportvan, Fiesta, Ka
Bentley Arnage T, Continental GT
Land Rover Discovery 2, Evoque
Smart Fortwo
Maybach 62
Bugatti Veyron
Saab 99, 9-3(’02,’08), 9-5
Volvo 242, 850, S60(’04, ’11), XC70, C30
Jaguar XKR, XJ(X350)
Aston Martin Cygnet, V12 Vantage, DB9
Ferrari F430, 458 Italia, California
Lamborghini Aventador
Maserati Quattroporte, Ghibli
Toyota Corolla, Yaris, Camry, Prius
Lexus IS350, CT200h, GS350
Subaru Legacy, Impreza, Forester
Honda Civic, CB600 Hornet
Mazda 2, MX-5, RX8
Suzuki SX4
Nissan Micra, GTR, 370Z
Hyundai ix20, Veloster
Kia Sportage
Cadillac Escalade
Chevrolet Avalanche
Dodge Grand Caravan
Harley Davidson
Chrysler 300C, PT Cruiser
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Hummer H2
and some trailers for cars
All standalone, works on any maps.
Included painted default Opalin and Ford Transit, real 3D logos by Srele.
Models of other authors: Dacia Logan (Srele), MB Vito, W210, VW Passat B5 (Alexx_Os), Renault Kangoo (Alexx_Os, SNAIL_KILLA), Alfa Romeo Brera, Mito, Audi Q7, RS5, RS6 Avant, TT, MB ML63, VW Touareg, Golf 6, Subaru Impreza (Serj999), Harley Davidson (Onixer).
Compatible with all my packs.
Tested on version 1.20.x

Version 3.0 – added 4 trailers for cars, Volkswagen Passat B6 Variant, Toyota Prius, Chrysler PT Cruiser, Ford F250 Servis Car.


DOWNLOAD 171 MB [sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 171 MB [uploadfiles]

37 Responses to AI Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v3.0

  1. Karina says:

    Very nice. Thanks.

    • Matthijs de Goede says:

      Hi Oswald,
      Wheels from Mercedes C klasse are missing ,
      and can you please make some of those sprinters and mercedes c klasses with red and blue light?
      I am working on Turkish Traffic and I really like to include Emergency vehicles.

      If you can make that for me, can you send them to me?
      [email protected]

  2. Adriandelahunedoara says:

    Keep the packs coming! 😀
    Great work,as always…

  3. Matthijs de Goede says:

    Verry Nice jazzycat!
    I have got Some great idees als Well, for new Truck,bus aan AI traffic.
    And i really want to contact you, do you think that is possible?
    My Gmail: [email protected]

    Hope you are willing to contact me as Well!
    Kind Regards,

    Matthijs de Goede

    • Jazzycat says:

      I’ve also many great ideas but there is no spare time to implement them all.

      • Matthijs de Goede says:

        Yes i understand,
        gratefull for your work 🙂

        I am working on Turkish AI traffic pack and maybe you can help me!?

  4. Helmax says:

    Very nice job. But it had been better (for me) if you had made it with more traffic, even at the night. It seems to be less traffic than without this mod.
    Is that possible?

    • Jazzycat says:

      No. Inevitable compatibility problems. Use separate mods for more traffic.

  5. hynek7 says:

    Verry Nice jazzycat!

  6. Vojta says:

    Please add Škoda Octavia A7, Škoda Superb B8, new Fabia and Rapid, PLS!!

  7. peeweelulu says:

    very good and beautiful mod cars with trailers !!!!!! caravans as soon ???? thank you very good job jazzycat

  8. bimbo2704 says:

    There is a screw loose! Some personal car ( and is them hold hard! ) have sound truck, or bus. A behind several thousand beaten kilometres I’m not once didn’t meet personal car with trailer.

  9. rops says:

    can you add Land Rover Discovery 4 plzzz 🙂

  10. FartVader says:

    After installing this one, I have no traffic AT ALL. Have used most of your packs before, so I’m a bit confused at the moment.

    • lukas430000 says:

      thanks again Jazzy. It is one of the best AI mods I have seen. I had the same problem with no traffic. Unfortunately I had to remove russian traffic by Jazzy and then everything was working ok. Hope new update for russian traffic will fix it….

      Just a quick question as You are extremely busy guy Jazzy. Is any chance in next updates fit some touring caravans in? Since this update there are some trailers in but was looking to see some tourers. Thanks again for a great job Jazzy….

      • Jazzycat says:

        You can show your log file from ‘no traffic’ game? I use russian traffic with this pack without any problem.

        • lukas430000 says:

          Sorry for ignorance but where I can find said log? running a MHA map so maybe there is a problem? hmmmm

      • edge12 says:

        Place in on a lower priority than Russian traffic works flawlessly with ETS v1.20 w/ ProMods 1.97+RuSmap 1.5.2.

  11. Theosz says:


    sorry off-topic.

    Could you fix TDU traffic issue explained in SCS forum? thx

  12. bimbo2704 says:

    Jazzycat already perhaps here return won’t, but in this mod is mistake. Some personal car have sound like truck, or bus and personal car with caravan be at stake yet haven’t seen.

  13. wegger says:

    Thanks for update!

  14. enternamehere says:

    Thankyou sooooooo much Jazzycat!

  15. Human says:

    please please add Honda CB600 Hornet AI Traffic Motorcycle. mod in pack

  16. Your Fan says:

    Tried this version in Promods + PolReb + RusMap and in Belarus there is no traffic at all. Other countries not tested.

  17. Kapitalia says:

    Nice as always, but still lacks Saab 9-5 2010,9000&90, Volvo S80/V70. You could add some Fiats too like the 500X and 500L. Also Mini Cooper would be nice. Nice to see modders can finally build cars with trailers. Remember in Europe we love wagons. 😉

  18. Kapitalia says:

    I mean SAAB 900* not 90 😉

  19. holmes says:

    Hi Jazzycat,can anybody help me?Why there are two scs files?Def and base?In 2.9 was only 1 scs files.Any install advice?Im not pro computer user so sorry my stupid questions?I try open base scs file and it says error?

  20. kanez says:

    jazzycat would love to see one day a MEGA MOD from you putting all the mods in one LOL hey do your old versions of mods work on 1.20.1?

  21. Jacek145_JJ says:

    Jazzy… First of all, thank you soooo much for continuous work on these jaw-dropping packs. Without them, ETS2 would be like 30% less fun – how many of you said while driving in the sim “Oh look! There’s a Ferrari/Porsche/Lamborghini/Bugatti like you would in real life? :)))

    One thing I noticed – trucks and buses with two sets of turning wheels (with 6×2 chassis) – when they turn, the wheels at the front and end both turn in the same direction like this:

    /–/ front
    /–/ back

    Where they should do this:

    /–/ front
    \–\ back

    If you could fix that, the realism would be 100% spot on.

    Another thing… Just a thought… What about AI Motorbike pack? :)))

    Anyway – please don’t stop continuing the great and most of all hard work to make our ETS2 driving experience super-real! THAAAANK YOOOUUU SIR!!!

    Best regards!

  22. Armor says:

    Reference and quality as usual!

    Very nice job Jazzy!

  23. te7557 says:

    small problem !!
    01:09:41.345 : [dx9] Failed to allocate vertex buffer of 1994252 bytes (pool: managed). [0x8007000e]
    01:09:42.739 : [dx9] Failed to create 2D texture. [0x8007000e]
    01:09:42.740 : [dx9] Failed to create texture in hw_load().
    01:09:42.741 : FIXME: Texture update failed (/vehicle/ai/jazzycat/vw_polo/base.tobj)
    01:09:42.741 : [dx9] Failed to create 2D texture. [0x8007000e]
    01:09:42.741 : [dx9] Failed to create texture in hw_load().

  24. skon1992 says:

    I have a problem
    00:02:35.988 : [fs] Failed to open file /def/vehicle/ai_wheel/jaguarxff.sii in the read_only mode
    00:02:35.988 : [fs] Failed to open file /def/vehicle/ai_wheel/jaguarxfr.sii in the read_only mode
    00:02:37.712 : [fs] Failed to open file /def/vehicle/ai_wheel/jaguarxff.sii in the read_only mode
    00:02:37.713 : load_unit() – Failed to open file (/def/vehicle/ai_wheel/jaguarxff.sii)
    00:02:37.715 : [fs] Failed to open file /def/vehicle/ai_wheel/jaguarxfr.sii in the read_only mode
    00:02:37.715 : load_unit() – Failed to open file (/def/vehicle/ai_wheel/jaguarxfr.sii)
    00:02:38.413 : Missing wheel accessory data!
    00:02:38.413 : Missing wheel accessory data!

  25. Seoryeong Eagles says:

    Kia Sportage 2016 was on sale in Korea.(THE SUV SPORTAGE). Can You Change new model sportage?

  26. Seoryeong Eagles says:

    The New Model on Sportage has been released. Can You Change Car Model?
    Confirm at site: (Korean,Sportage 2016 Car Image)

  27. m kettu says:

    please add these cars from brazilian pack to this pack: Ford Ranger, Honda Civic’07 Sedan, Honda Fit(called Jazz in europe), Nissan D21( called NP300 in europe. and pleese add also newer Corolla(E12 and/or E15) Hilux and Land Cruiser in pack. and please make seperate pack of motorcycle so this pack can be used in winter weather

  28. Ralph says:

    All your mods are great! But please make some emergency vehicles for ETS v1.22. Example, all European police. And maybe with flashing lights. There are no mods like this available for the game. Please try! Thanks…

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