AI Traffic Pack v 2.5


29 New Cars for AI Traffic

Author: Jazzycat


23 thoughts on “AI Traffic Pack v 2.5

  1. The Player

    Author: Jazzycat

    Will work with Russia Express for 1.7.0 plus DLC ?

  2. nice, keep up and bring more cars, and if you can make the huge traffic pack that contains those cars, that is already included in existing traffic mods

  3. Ptkmlk220596

    Nice mód
    Other mods with TRUCK
    Man tga
    NEW daf
    NEW mercedes
    Scania stream line
    AND OLD TRUCK thanks

  4. anon1010010011

    Very nice , Thank you! 🙂

    1. Next Time use the flycam, Edd 🙂

  5. and why archive is from April?

  6. And why v2.5? Someone found my very old traffic pack and posted here )

    My actual packs:

    1. Considering I use your mega traffic mod

      My question is does this mod add anything big and if it does would it work with that mod

    2. Your website doesn’t have a copy of the AI Traffic pack on it.

    3. remingtonh

      All your mods are fantastic. Thank you so much for improving on ETS2!

      My only comment would be that the exotic police car detracts a bit from the realism. It’s weird seeing so many of those in traffic. (there was only one in real life that I know of, and it was destroyed some time ago.) Not a big deal anyway.

      Again thanks for the great mods! DaSquirrelsnuts brought them to my attention.

  7. nao ta baixando nao !!!

  8. with TSM4 comes ????

  9. Floppy D.

    Very good,thank you

  10. noisesless

    good work, mega thanks bro….

  11. apferreira truckman

    does anyone know if there is any parameter that increases the limit of 63 ai cars within the game? and know how to change this parameter? I appreciate the response.
    (google translator)

    alguém sabe se existe algum parâmetro que aumente o limite de 63 ai cars dentro do game ? e se sabe, como se muda este parâmetro ? agradeço a resposta .

  12. apferreira truckman

    the new daf seen in the next patch of SCS

  13. Some cars are made by me, thank you for giving me credits 😉

    1. Sorry, it is in Readme file.
      I just see it now after download.

      And I see one more thing, some cars don’t have LOD and LOD2 objects and some don’t have lightmask.

  14. does this work for ?? anyone have this working on this version please

    1. May a late answer, but yes it works for me on together with some mods.Like Jazzycat’s other mods and Promods Scandinavian map + some others.

  15. how to use this mod, please help me..

    1. remingtonh

      Have you figured this out? Have you installed any mods in ETS2? You unzip the rar (I use rarzilla) and place the extracted .scs file in your /user/documents/euro truck simulator 2/mods folder. Then you launch ets2 and edit your profile and check it then apply.

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