Air-conditioner “COMPACT” for all trucks


Tested in version 1.11.x
the file is opened for your skins

Credits: Maxx2504
Modify Fred_be


12 Responses to Air-conditioner “COMPACT” for all trucks

  1. Romario says:

    Please make order painted in body color.

  2. Detective says:

    here you go its fromn :

    RPC Trucktuning (for the credits )

  3. Feldner says:

    Author is maxx2504 !!!!!

  4. Gnitto says:

    2nd that! please make this available in body color.

    attachment lights are not working for me

  5. By Manu.Be98 says:

    Orginal by maxx2504

  6. Fred_be says:

    Ok, I’ll ask the admin to change it. Thank you;)

  7. Joe says:

    wished this came in painted version and available on the Scania T Mods

  8. Matthijs de Goede says:

    Dear Fred_Be can you Please fix the airconditioner compact for the new actros and the daf xf euro 6 to? I really like that of you can do that!!

  9. DiC says:

    Hi all, I’ve tested this mod but doesn’t work.
    I’ve tried it in all trucks.
    Where is the problem?
    I wite you, thanks đŸ˜€

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