Air-conditioner “COMPACT” for all trucks


Tested in version 1.11.x
the file is opened for your skins

Credits: Maxx2504
Modify Fred_be


12 thoughts on “Air-conditioner “COMPACT” for all trucks

  1. Please make order painted in body color.

  2. Detective

    here you go its fromn :

    RPC Trucktuning (for the credits )

  3. Author is maxx2504 !!!!!

    1. who cares

  4. 2nd that! please make this available in body color.

    attachment lights are not working for me

  5. By Manu.Be98

    Orginal by maxx2504

    1. Right, it´s “Minicool Climate” by maxx2504

    2. who cares

  6. Ok, I’ll ask the admin to change it. Thank you;)

  7. wished this came in painted version and available on the Scania T Mods

  8. Matthijs de Goede

    Dear Fred_Be can you Please fix the airconditioner compact for the new actros and the daf xf euro 6 to? I really like that of you can do that!!

  9. Hi all, I’ve tested this mod but doesn’t work.
    I’ve tried it in all trucks.
    Where is the problem?
    I wite you, thanks 😀

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