Alexander Van Varg skin


Scania RJL skin tested on 1.18

Alexander Lone Wolf


11 Responses to Alexander Van Varg skin

  1. Nordic t says:

    Looks cool, alternative link please. Thanks.

  2. alexandar_lone_wolf says:

    There is not alternativ link

  3. Shineslip says:

    Yeap realy cool!

    Don’t forget use tuning mod!

  4. alexandar_lone_wolf says:

    Nothing without him mate 😀

  5. alexandar_lone_wolf says:

    Only RJL things in the game nothing more

  6. alexandar_lone_wolf says:

    everything that i have in game is rjl mods even dashboard

  7. Mrki says:

    Another great skin! Awesome work! The biggest problem is that I put one of these skins on my Scania and few hours later you publish new , even better , so I’m in a dilemma what to do : D Great job!

  8. alexandar_lone_wolf says:

    solution will be that i must make one skin pack mate 😀

  9. alexandar_lone_wolf says:

    i mrki piši mi srpski ako ti je lakše 😀

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