ALEXD Real Engine and Transmission For Scania S

This mod requires ETS2 1.31 or 1.32.
Don’t reupload this mod. Respect the original download link.

This mod contain:
Real Engine- 2 models [ 730 hp(544 kw ); 520(388 kw )
Real Transmission- 12 gears
Real Fuel Consumption:
S-730 ( 4.1 British MPG – 68.90 Liters per 100 km)
S-520 model (AVG 28,7l /100km) based on the REAL TEST but with S-500 (With an average fuel consumption of 24.92 litre/100 km and an average speed of 79.91 km/h on the same 350 km )
Increase Tank Capacity – Chassis [ 4×2(3225 l) ; 6×2, 6x2_4, 6x2_4_midlift(1500 l)

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7 thoughts on “ALEXD Real Engine and Transmission For Scania S

  1. ismail ozdemir

    What does ”real engine” and ”real transmission” mean? SCS trucks have already real and licensed engines and transmissions.

    1. Adjust kw, improve a little transmission and fuel consumption for this truck!

  2. Thx, this mod seems realistic. Tried the 520 engine and the 12 gear transmission. Your previous mod was unrealistic as I see it, for people that are playing with trucks, not doing truck drivind simulation. Doind the latter everything sholud be as close to real life as possible.
    This video of a Estionian driver going na small roads in Norway is rathe good for study realism
    My setup is quite realistic now, watch from minute 8 and 5 ,imutes and compare with the other video


    1. So sorry for comment of privious mod, mixed you with another modder 🙁


  3. One more comment
    Could you please do simular tiny adjustments to the 580 and 650 hp engines?


    1. My previous comment was deleted. This mod of your is good, seems very realistic driving with the 520 hp engine and 12 gear transmission.
      PS! Had adden links to video on YouTube, may be that was the rationale for that is was deleted

      1. Thanks ! Yes, i can to adjustment 580 and 650 hp, soon !

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