ALEXD Save Game For 1.34.x – 100 % Discovered ( ALL DLC )

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—–This mod requires ETS2 1.34.x
—–Don’t reupload this mod. Respect the original download link.

Follow me :

● 50 Drivers
● 50 Trucks
● Compatible with 1.34.x update.
● Compatible with all map DLC’s .
● All map %100 discovered, all garages bought.
● Profile level 51.
● Profile money 87.150.208 Euro.

—–Install : Extract .rar / C:UsersUSERDocumentsEuro Truck Simulator 2profiles



5 thoughts on “ALEXD Save Game For 1.34.x – 100 % Discovered ( ALL DLC )

  1. need DLC Baltic?

    1. Yes

  2. Octavian101

    KRONE TRAILER DLC required, not good profile!

    1. Bro, i say with all dlc!!

  3. crashingbill001

    Sorry Bro, are you sponsered by…..; for your thing to work, we need to BUY all dlc… (what’s your cut in the mod?).

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