All Nippon Airways Skin for Scania Streamline Topline

A Skin of the biggest japanese Airline.

,,Ugh, this is a EUROPEAN truck sim, why the fck a japanese Airline?!”
Because there are a few People who maybe like such an Skin. If you dont like it, dont download it!

Author: Sgt.Schiffer


5 thoughts on “All Nippon Airways Skin for Scania Streamline Topline

  1. Looks great, many thanks for the work!

    1. Sgt.Schiffer

      No Problem 🙂

    2. Agree! i like it! Keep up the good work! Happy trucking!

      1. Sgt.Schiffer

        Thank you 🙂 It means a lot for me that I get good rensponse from the community on my Skins 😉

        1. Sgt.Schiffer

          And I have one question:
          I want to make a pack of my Skins. (And there is one Person who is annoying me with that). But if I activate more than one of my Skins at the same time, they are painting over each other. Do you guys have the same Problem? And do you know how to fix this?
          I would really enjoy if you respond and maybe have answers 🙂

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