Allison 4700 Large Special Gearbox

Refer to the official website for this gearbox description: (201306) blk.pdf • sfvrsn = 2
At present, the game comes with Allison 4500 gearbox, but also the game with a torque converter at gearbox, at least the advantages of the gearbox said, used all know, and now I According to Allison official website real Data produced Allison 4700 gearbox, specifically for large transport, the current only Mercedes-Benz a new available (look carefully at the side of the torque converter radiator), measured from Kosice – Budapest, the total traction of 120 tons, fuel consumption only 69.1l, full speed 60kmh cruise, unless you encounter a large slope, the basic speed, but also started ultra-fast, feeling like pulling 20 tons instead of 120 tons, we can see the advantages of this gearbox.



2 Responses to Allison 4700 Large Special Gearbox

  1. Florin says:

    Dude, the 4700 already exists in ATS (vanilla game). Also it has better (and more realistic) specs than yours. Go check it out! 😉

  2. rumpelmauser01 says:

    no file…

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