Andreas Schubert – Krone Profiliner – Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace!

Andreas Schubert Skin for Krone Profiliner.
You need the Krone DLC !!!



6 thoughts on “Andreas Schubert – Krone Profiliner – Rest in Peace

  1. skinyournose

    coffin transport jajjajjja everything is skinnable jajjjajjja s t u p i d skin

  2. Very funny and not true. He was 42. So the date could only be 1977 or 1978. Fix it.

    1. hey Bauer0185 you #### he was 45 get your facts right you knob

  3. Leif Knudsen

    Truck skin ????

  4. Respekt klasse arbeit ,,er hat es Verdient ,,R.I.P. Andreas ,,,,,Wäre Prima wenn es noch den Truck Skin gebe

  5. TRUCK3R2994

    A.S.: *01.06.1975 † 31.07.2020
    Pls, fix your comment and think twice before you write other wrong things the next time

    R.I.P. Andreas “Andi” Schubert

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