Andreas Shubert Paint Job for Scania RJL

Skin is made from scratch (no other mod rip-offs) and if you want all the parts painted like in the screenshot you will need:
-V8K Blaine’s bullbar ( mod link: )
-his sunshield (mod link: ).


Donation link: PayPal.Me/VandallRTR

tyb33rk, SCS, RJL, V8K Blaine


10 thoughts on “Andreas Shubert Paint Job for Scania RJL

  1. TheGreenlightTrucker

    Which company do you mean with “Shubert” ?!

    On the picture it look’s very bad. So I hope, you don’t mean A.S.T. of Gmund, Bavaria.

    1. As you can see the image was cropped for the biggest clarity and the highest quality in-game and yes, it is AST Schubert.

      1. TheGreenlightTrucker

        The “S” in AST stand for Schubert 😉

        Okay, now for you to understand: The skin look’s bad.
        It doesn’t reflect the good image of the company.

        I know, it’s a lot of work to do a skin. But please guy’s:
        Don’t upload any private (####).

        1. Let me explain myself friend: firstly I have found literally 5 different variations of this skin, secondly I don’t mind criticism but I have been doing research before I did this and thirdly I saw that all other skins were outdated for a long time for RJL and I made myself one and by the way the description says I never took anything of anyone’s paint job so far (I’m not that kind of a modder, I like a good challenge) and I’m sorry that you don’t like it.

          1. Master.OfDisaster

            Ich hoffe du hast die Erlaubnis vom Hr. Schubert????

        2. horse with no name

          dude, make your own skin adn respect others work

          1. TheGreenlightTrucker

            Shut up, horse.

    2. TheGreenlightTrucker

      Du glaubst doch nicht im ernst, dass sich jeder, der einen Skin macht, eine Erlaubnis bei der jeweiligen Firma oder Marke einholt 😉

  2. Nun, wenn Sie dies beleidigt sind

    1. yea whatever

      ahaha, bist noch nich lange im modding zirkus, oder? wenn ich da an FO4 denke, da werden schamlos assets aus spielen geripped und das wars, da fragt niemand….die wenigsten haben diesen Anstand…

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