Animated Female Passenger in Truck (with you) 1.32

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Hi guys,

I have the permission to post this mod.

Now you can have a “living” girl with you in truck cabin !!!!!
Must have SiSL’s Mega Pack, and the mod must have a high priority !!!!!

Choose Melissa in cabin. Animated model will be choose random from SCS’s animated models… Hope you will be able to continue driving ? ? ? ? ?

SiSL’s Mega Pack

Game crash if you try to change model to Melissa (it seems to be an engine limitation from SCS), so, you MUST have Melissa before adding this mod

More inforemation

Todor Alin


17 thoughts on “Animated Female Passenger in Truck (with you) 1.32

  1. Everything working. But two things.
    1) Why that’s not Melissa at the end?
    2) Why my game crashing after open mechanic?

  2. Everything working really good. But two things.
    1) Why that’s not Melissa from SiSL at the end?
    2) Why my game crashing after open Mechanic?

  3. Vito Bovino

    Sei un Grande!!!!!

  4. for children who without their mother are afraid of riding ?!

  5. #######

  6. An sich Toller Mod aber, etwas mehr Animationen würden guttun.
    Aber welcher Trucker würde schon eine Frau neben sich sitzen haben die Krätze hat xD

  7. Max Mustermann

    Thanks, I like this mod. It brings some life into the cabin.

  8. Hi all

    How to install that , dons’t work for me !

    I , have first run the Game with Sisl Mod , add/buy Melissa not 2 , Quit the Game and add the Mod with hightest prio

    Also 1. Mod
    and the 2. Sisl Mod

    After load the Game , no Model will show , the rest from the Sisl Mod still works , but both Melissas are in the List , just no Model will show !

    Im use just this , animated_female_passenger_in_cabin.scs , , no another Mods are loaded


    1. Ok , problem is solved , Pedestrians or in German Fusgänger , must be Enabled in the Graphic Options !

  9. spooky!!

  10. katie08cd

    does it work with all the women in sisl or just with this one?

  11. @katie08cd

    Just with Melissa not 2 , you have 24 Differnt Models , its Random , when you go to a Service Station , or anything when the Time goes forward like Travel , and reload a Save Game !


  12. Can she do other things other than scratching her leg? XD
    Cool mod man, gave me a good laugh 😛

  13. John Smith

    Does it have consequences if you look into her eyes?

  14. Can you makeit to with Yasmine xd 1.33

  15. Vallengor

    Hello there is the opportunity to do fashion for the version women in a jeans jacket

  16. Good morning! Please update&fix to 1.36+DX11? Thank You

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