Animated side curtains for Scania Next Gen

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Animated side fullstory(corners). Are in addition to the already existing, and therefore repeat type, texture and color of the curtains that are already in the game. Curtains suitable for S series and R.

Game version: mod tested on version 1.30.


SCS, oq37


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13 thoughts on “Animated side curtains for Scania Next Gen

  1. FILES DAMAGE!!!!!!!!!!

    1. You are damage…

  2. Hello, where can I found the .dds file if I want change a colour of curtains? Thanks.

    1. base\vehicle\truck\upgrade\interior_decors

  3. Nice

    Nut curtains to smal!!!!
    Change it

    1. But*

  4. Make for all trucks please !!!

    1. Most likely the next will be DAF 105.

  5. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.30…

  6. Сергей

    Олег,перезалей.битый архив

    1. Только что попробовал – нормально скачал.

  7. zeeuwse_trucker

    you should have some more respect for modders, i no how much work it is, try make some your self.

    thanks for sharing mate.

  8. Need this mod updated compat with 1.35 PLEASE!!!!

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