Arctic Logs Triple Trailers Ownable


[green]Works on 1.38.x game version.
Converted from ATS, FS19
Cargos updated to all DLC in all companies,
Single, B’double & B’triple versions.
up to 49 tons Logs Load with B’triple
Trailer cables.
Advanced coupling.
Reflective stripes.
A.i. traffic (singles, doubles & triples).

[red]be careful, not all companies have enough space for a double and triple trailer .
When buying, do not try to change the trailer configuration. buy as is.
[orange]the mod logs several minor errors that do not affect the gameplay (port from ATS)

Please, inform about bugs/errors. Thank you.

Enjoy it. 🙂

POWE®FULL, selonik, CyrusTheVirus, Austin Willie, Brandon Moffat, Kontrolfrk, and others.


11 thoughts on “Arctic Logs Triple Trailers Ownable

  1. great but game crashes in trailer dealer as soon as I try to modify anything


      When buying, do not try to change the trailer configuration. buy as is.


      the trailer does not support any tuning anyway


      maybe I’ll fix it by the release of version 1.39

      1. tonggone sri

        ai traffic triple trailers .. wow sounds like good !!

  2. thanks buddy! I noticed that it works if not touching anything 😉 and also freight market and traffic version works fine so good job !
    interesting that the crash shows no errors so would be difficult to fix!

  3. Dr Jan Itor

    This mod keeps crashing the game when I try to go to the UK (Promods). I´ve tried 3 different ports in the UK (Dover ferry, Dover train and Hull) and as soon as I start driving the game crashes. It only happens in the UK for some reason and I dont own the trailer, its just in AI-traffic. And when I uninstalled it the game worked perfect again… Just thought you should know and I hope you can fix it cause this trailer looks pretty cool. 🙂


      Thanks for your feedback. unfortunately I can’t using “promods” to check your situation (i have not all needed dlc maps). but I will be sure to check possible crashing in the United Kingdom and will study the game logs


      crash confirmed/ but i don’t know reasons

      1. Dr Jan Itor

        Thank you for checking it and I hope you will be able to fix it.

  4. gkvfjx gaming


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