Ariel Zurawski Berlin 2016 Special skin pack


We all heard about the awful terrorist attack in Berlin on 19-12-16! A terrorist drove into a Christmas market full of people with a hijacked truck and killed at least 12 people. Many injured people are still fighting for their lifes in the hospitals. In order give support to the victimes, the brave driver Lukasz Urban who bravely tried to prevent this attack in special, and to all of the relatives I created this mod. Together we should stand strong against terrorism!

Info about mod:
Truck: Scania R450 Streamline
Trailer: Schwarzmüller SPA 3E
Company: Ariel Zurawski uslugi transportowe
Country: Poland
-Including Lukasz Urban’s truck skin for Scania RJL
-Including standalone Schwarzmüller SPA 3E trailer by Trailer Tag Team with sayings
-Realistic trailer cargo’s
-Cargosystem compatible with DLC North
-Realistic UI Workshop icoon
-Including Manifest
-Made in memory of the Berlin christmas attack on 19-12-16
-1.26x Tested

For feedback, mod requests, and questions:
Mail: [email protected]
And of course via Steam: Elitesquad Modz [MDG]
My work is under Creative Commons Licence
Alteration is permitted distribution is permitted with indication of
The author(s) and the original link to Sharemods.
After all this, I want to wish you a mery christmas and a happy new year!

Elitesquad Modz, Trailer Tag Team – DaStig & MarcDo


15 thoughts on “Ariel Zurawski Berlin 2016 Special skin pack

  1. Joke? Copyright. Ariel Zurawski know about this?

    1. Come on… your numerous comments here are utterly shameful. This is clearly out of respect to all of those who have had their lives lost and ruined by terrorism. As someone who rejects all forms of terrorism and has seen it first-hand myself, I fully support this skin pack and find your posts whining about it in vile taste. If you do not understand or respect that, there is no hope for you.

      Also why you mention copyright when so many items on these types of modding sites NEVER have copyright permission, is beyond me.

      Quit trolling.

    2. Alojzy mind YOUR bussiness!!!

  2. “-Including Lukasz Urban’s truck skin for Scania RJL” no comment…

  3. Thank you… I also wish you Mery Xmas & Happy New Year!

  4. Danke für diesen Mod. Ich werde ihn laden und nutzen.
    Wir sollten gemeinsam gegen den Terrorismus stehen.

    PS: @Alojzi – That´s your only Problem??? Very bad…. 🙁

  5. Respect Luke family. Or maybe his family does not want it. You thought about this? Do you want to fight terrorism skin to the truck? Really? This mod is unpalatable.

  6. Elitesquad Modz

    Alojzy, I tried to express myself by creating this mod!
    I respect his family and if they don’t want this, I would have known it already.

  7. thumbs up

  8. Really pathetic! You should think about it befor you release a skin for a truck that killed 12 people! Who ever use this in game is not better than the creator! What is the point of doing this kind of skins? Respect? No its not! Think about the people who survived this and they see the same truck in a game! This should be removed and should never come back again! It is a insult for everyone who was there and the deaths that are bounded to this! Really pathetic!

  9. Elitesquad Modz

    You totally don’t understand the intention of this mod!
    The truck didnt kill 12 people, terrorists did that! This mod is made out of respect. Pathetic that you don’t get the intention!

  10. I had put the mod into the folder and activated the mod, but i can´t find it in the game?

  11. Elitesquad Modz

    Ferrari5 you dont see the trailer? In order to get the skin working you should have the Scania RJL mod enabled:

    1. Thank you yery much, this was the point.
      The mod is perfect, Good job mate.

  12. Works on version 1.30?

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