Assembly of interiors 8

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The build of the interiors for the standard truck. Replaces the standard salons. Added mode for windshield wipers.
The authors of the interiors – Gile004; Colour_s United SamRey; Mods PG Group, Tsm, vov4ik minion; Karen Grigoryan; escioglu; Reza Sedaghati.
Assembly – Kirtok.
Tested on game versions 1.27 and 1.28.



3 thoughts on “Assembly of interiors 8

  1. TruckerMarc

    It,s a nice mod but could you allso make one for the scania rs by rjl?

    1. Так для этой Скании просто навалом разных интерьеров. И как понять “так же сделать”? Тут сборка для всех стандартных траков, а Скания от rjl – отдельный мод.

  2. thank you. good selection

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