Asus Combo Pack

Asus Combo (1) Asus Combo (3) Asus Combo (2)

Asus Skin for Mercedes MP4 Truck and Trailer
Tested on 1.19.x

Author: Nicu Skins


13 Responses to Asus Combo Pack

  1. muistule says:

    ba tu esti handicapat ba sugatorule? cum mortii ma-tii sa faci asa cacat? pisa-m-as pe fata aia ta de bidon! baga-mi-as pula sa imi bag… altii se chinuie sa faca lucruri frumoase iau 1 like 2, si tu faci pula asta spurcata si lumea iti da de mila 99999 likeuri, sugea-mi-ai pula

    • Nicu Skins says:

      beleaua dracu

    • Nicu Skins says:

      sa sugi tu ba prostu dracu

    • Nicu Skins says:

      si eu imi bag in gatu tau cioara dracu du-te dracu si fa-ti un control la cap paguba dracu sugi pula

    • Nicu Skins says:

      vezi dracu te treaba ta te fute grija in gura prostu dracu cioara dracu

    • Nicu Skins says:

      daca erai sanatos la cap nu faceai remorca. cu salam

    • Nicu Skins says:

      eu nu le fac sa-ti placa tie cioara dracu

    • Nicu Skins says:

      muist esti tu ba scarba dracu sugi pula. tu crezi ca mie imi e frica de tine vaide capu tau de prost

  2. Nicu Skins says:

    ba mai du-te dracu ai apucat asa te fute grija ca fac eu skin-uri

  3. Nicu Skins says:

    ba mai du-te dracu ai apucat asa te fute grija ca fac skin-uri ai draci pe tine

  4. Dan says:

    ce ma el a facut remroca aia cu salam :)))))))

  5.***Admin says:

    Mister Muistule that you have the same IP Catalin Mihai has left a message with sexual connotations, this IP is as Pantelimon, Bucharest in Romania but not the exact address is 10 km with an error message if there continue to this kind will be forced to restrict access to this site permanently. Thank you for understanding!

  6. Catalin Turcu says:

    Frumos Nicu imi plac skin-urile tale de abia astept sa mai faci

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