AvanueLf Sound Pack V11 MK1

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AvanueLf sound pack V11 ready
Some basic features list and explanation
1-Air brakes
1.1 In air brakes, the sound of all vehicles is collected in a common chorus, saving a certain amount
1.2 5 different air brake sounds
1.3 I use the Wabco air brake in the sounds, so the sound is a little long
2-Inner sounds
2.1 6 Different swaying noises
2.2 Sounds of swinging I’ve gotten the sounds from the long-wheelbase vehicles I’ve gotten Omsi2
2.3 Many sound settings including echo can be reestablished
3-Bar and button sounds
3.1 I tried to adjust all the voices to a real level with a very fine workmanship
4- Rubber sounds
4.1 I tried to decode some audio errors in older versions
4.2 I have been listening to the axle and the diffuse sounds so that the sound will not be crowded
4.3 I regret that I have to take some voices from Omsi2
4.4 Personally I do not have any nice rubber sounds I would be grateful if someone who wants to share my tire sounds with me can communicate with me
5-ambient sounds
5.1 10/8 of all surround sounds available in the mode I can share the I-DOSER version of surround sounds if requested
5.2 I added air conditioning sound to the internal rain sound when it rained
6-Other sounds
In 6.1 mode the tacho sound is available at 90 kmh (55 mph) and above
6.2 Pressure relief sound of the brakes added
6.3 Available in some small voices (click sounds like camera sound and so on)
6.4 New game music
6.5 Sounds that are present in the rating but are still inactive are available in the mode so you will not have to update the mode when the sounds are activated

Bazı temel özellikler listesi ve açıklaması

1-Hava frenleri

1.1 Hava frenlerinde tüm araçların sesi ortak bir klosörde toplanıp boyuttan bir miktar tasarruf edilmiştir

1.2 5 farklı hava freni sesi vardır

1.3 Seslerde Wabco hava freni kullandığım için sesi biraz uzun çıkıyor

2-İç sesler

2.1 6 Farklı sallanma sesleri var

2.2 Sallanma sesleri uzun şasili araçlardan kaydoldu işin doğrusu sesleri Omsi2 den temin ettim

2.3 Ekoleyzır dahil bir çok ses ayarı yeniden kuruldu

3-Çubuk ve düğme sesleri

3.1 Tüm sesleri çok ince bir işcilikle gerçek ses seviyesine yakın bir şekilde ayarlamaya çalıştım

4- Lastik sesleri

4.1 Eski sürümlerde biraz ses kusuru vardı çözmeye çalıştım

4.2 Aks ve diffaransiyel seslerini sessize aldım böylece giderken ses kalabalığı olmuyacak

4.3 Yine üzülerek söylüyorumki bazı sesleri Omsi2’den alma zorunda kaldım

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4.4 Şahsen hiçde güzel lastik seslerim yok lastik seslerini benimle paylaşmak isteyen biri benle iletişime geçebilir minnettar kalırım

5-Çevre sesleri

5.1 Tüm çevre seslerinin 10/8 lik kısmı modda mevcut eğer istek olursa çevre seslerinin İ-DOSER sürümünü paylaşabilirim

5.2 Yağmur yağarken iç yağmur sesine klima sesi ekledim

6-Diğer sesler

6.1 Modda tako sesi mevcut 90 kmh (55mph) ve daha üstünde çıkıyor

6.2 Frenlerin basınç boşaltma sesi eklendi

6.3 Bazı ufak seslerde modda mevcut (Tıklama sesleri kamera sesi ve bunun gibi)

6.4 Yeni oyun müzikleri

6.5 Oyunda hazır olarak bulunan ama hala aktif edilmeyen sesler modda mevcut böylece sesler aktif edilince modu güncelleme zorunda kalmıyacaksınız

Do not forget to tell which features you want!

V11 New features:

Some new sounds

Rumblestripe sound changed

New infinity loop type retarder from daf cf

To be clear, there are a few quality issues in this version of mod. I realy sorry

Do not re upload! Thanks ?



8 thoughts on “AvanueLf Sound Pack V11 MK1

  1. Thanks man, again good works !


    * Your previous mod ( Mercedes engine sound with Krichbaums ) pretty good. You can talking with Kric. about adding all trucks engine sound in this mod. If you can do this, it ll be really amazing.

    * Your sounds are really good, no need to add other insturments in ytube videos.

    Have a great day !

    1. Thanks Saygin

      I will try my luck with the Kriacbaum, I will start with the engine sound modes as soon as possible and integrate my own mod, provided that the name kriacbaum allows all mod producers to edit their modes, I also plan to start in model or graphics modes.

      The only problem is that I’m going to be in school pretty much 12 hours a day

      Sorry my bad english I do not yet make long sentences

      1. I guess, you ve great ability. So, tried to your best for every mods. And am sure, your future projects ( models & graphics ) are mostly be perfect same as todays.

        Absolutely english is no problem. Actually am Turk. I like your labour so want to contribution from myself. Maybe some players read here then want to reply for suggestions under my reply. This reason write on english to you.

        But, the timing plan is important. I think, firstly you should working for final version of this sound mod after that you ll working on other projects. ( only suggestion )

        1. I am Turkish too saygin Which city?

        2. Saygin

          I am working on ready voices while using real instruments to record other sound mod producers. I do not have the means to record for any reason. I would be very happy if I could have sound recordings like SCS.

    2. PolishDriverTruck

      HD Video Test 1.28…

  2. jorgent97

    Hd test…

  3. Eric Vasquez

    Good mod, in the future add more sounds for enviroment :D,
    I was tired of the Sound Fixes Pack…

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