Balkan Nameplates (Initial Relase)

balkan-nameplates-1 balkan-nameplates-3 balkan-nameplates-2

-First Initial Relase
-All Balkan Countrys Nameplates
-Works with most of famous Trucks Mods
-Full HD Resolutions Textures
-1.26.x Tested

There is one BUG which i dont know now to fix, and thats the problem
with Country Nameplates if you chose them you will not able to write,
but you can choose Default One and write what you will then you can
use Balkan Nameplates and your writings will be on them.
Have Fun.
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Alteration is permitted distribution is permitted with indication of
The author and the original link to Sharemods.

This work is protected by International Interlectual Property
copyright laws.
Mod is made under the Creative Commons License.

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One thought on “Balkan Nameplates (Initial Relase)

  1. Work with promods trailers & company mod? And all promods mod?

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