Bartoland 2.4 1.44

This new version, still on the scale 1, brings in addition:
+ 325 km more, 930 km in total
+ 26 cities, so 85 cities on the map
+ 77 enterprises, 336 enterprises to be delivered
+ 15 fuel stations, so 52 stations to serve you
+ 12 dealer garages, 51 truck sellers….
+ garage repairs, garage purchase, garage departure, bus, ferry, train….

Mac Adame


4 thoughts on “Bartoland 2.4 1.44

  1. map is good however there is loot of red errors please fix them ost of them next version. Please need update company file version too

  2. Is stolen and fake version.
    Last public is for v1.43, and supporter version is for v1.43 too.

    1. and who is original author

      1. The original mod can be found here:

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